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SriSahana Pidikiti | August 19, 2021

Qualtrics + Commerce: Why Experience Management (XM) Matters


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Providing a seamless digital experience is essential to success in today’s online world. From placing an order, to submitting a service request or paying a bill, the most effective digital experiences enable customers to easily complete their desired tasks. But getting there is not a trivial task.

It starts with recognizing that customer experience is more than a series of isolated touchpoints. Looking at a typical customer journey across channels and touchpoints, it becomes clear how the experience impacts the way customers feel about your business at any given point. Across the entire spectrum, you can see touchpoints that provide your business with key opportunities to gather customer feedback, whether positive or negative, that can help you strengthen or improve the overall experience.

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Experience Management (XM) is Key

Operational data from your commerce platform provides information about cart abandonment, order value, conversion rates, etc. (i.e., what is happening), but it doesn’t provide the necessary insights to understand WHY they are happening. Combining experience data (the ‘why’) with operational data (the ‘what’) provides the foundation for truly understanding how the digital experience is impacting customers so you can fix experience gaps, create interactions that are emotionally engaging, and better connect with customers so that they want to return.

  • Capture feedback on the shopping experience
  • Capture reasons for cart abandonment and drive corrective actions
  • Make checkout and payment processes hassle free
  • Make commerce experiences more contextual and personal for each visitor
  • Understand drivers for customer satisfaction and its implications for operational KPIs

SAP BOM Annual IT SpendWhy does it matter? Because XM is what makes it possible to truly measure the success of your expenditures towards customer experience. Companies are budgeting billions of dollars over multi-year projects and timelines toward this goal, but how can they be sure they are investing wisely? How can they course-correct or adjust strategies in Year Two, before they’ve spent the entire budget in Year Five?

XM is the answer. By creating a continuous loop of customer, supplier, employee and partner feedback, these companies can validate their investments across all areas of the business. Without XM, they are investing with blinders on.

Qualtrics Digital CX + SAP Commerce Cloud Help You Get There

The combination of Qualtrics Customer XM with SAP Commerce Cloud makes it easier for organizations to combine the ‘why’ and ‘what’ data, gaining actionable insights at every step of the customer journey. Organizations can listen, gain insights on what to do, evaluate the impact on the company, and most important, act to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

SAP Commerce Cloud and Qualtrics provide a comprehensive, agile platform to differentiate your digital customer experience:

  • Make the right content available to support purchasing decisions
  • Collect insights to discover issues with rollouts in new markets
  • Understand the behavior and sentiment of customers to eliminate churn

If you’re interested to learn more about how combining SAP Commerce Cloud with Qualtrics Digital CX can benefit your business, please feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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