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Enhance customer satisfaction with standardized services processes.

With SAP Service Cloud, Dovista not only enhance customer satisfaction - they also reduced cost.

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What our customer service thrives on is happy customers. That’s why we had to move from Outlook and find a better way to serve our customers. And we succeeded in doing that together with NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Jan Nielsen, Enterprise Architect, Dovista A/S

Business needs

  • Dovista’s resource-heavy customer service resulted in slow response times and hindered their ability to provide the desired service level
  • Built entirely within Outlook, the setup required considerable manual input to ensure the collection and organization of vital customer data
  • Logistics and structured management of customer interactions and solutions were lacking


  • SAP Service Cloud



  • The new solution saves five minutes per inquiry which increases customer satisfaction and halves the customer service workforce needed
  • Fixed system guidelines improve workflow for employees by establishing structure and enhancing transparency
  • Built into the existing SAP system, the solution enables companywide access to collected data for comprehensive quality control

Industry: Manufacturing
Products: Vertical windows and exterior doors
Employees: +7,500 (2024) across nine markets and 13 brands
Website: https://dovista.com/


With the new user-friendly solution, Dovista benefits from enhanced service operations, and an estimated 5-minute reduction in inquiry handling time.

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Having worked together on various projects since 2013, NTT DATA has in-depth knowledge of Dovista’s business
  • NTT DATA provided a standard process solution, crucial for Dovista’s implementation across 13 brands with divers ERP systems
  • In addition to valuable consultation, the company also benefits from NTT DATA’s solutions for further optimization of processes, including Field Service Management and AI screenings

Enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing cost with standardized services processes

Improving service with automation

In 2021, Dovista A/S faced challenges with their Outlook-based customer service system. It heavily relied on manual processing of the around 45,000 yearly service inquiries from B2B and B2C customers received primarily by e-mail. The slow and unmanageable system led to extended response times and prevented the company from meeting its service goals.

Jan Nielsen, Enterprise Architect, Dovista A/S, explains: “If we, for instance, wanted an overview of open cases, we had to manually count them in Outlook. It wasn’t sustainable – which is why we started this project.”
Based on their collaboration since 2013, NTT DATA leveraged its deep understanding of Dovista to recommend integrating a Service Cloud solution with their existing SAP system. The aim of the project was to create a more efficient and streamlined platform, enabling time and cost savings while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Initiated in the spring of 2021, the solution went live for the Velfac and Rationel brands by October of the same year. Currently, the system is operational in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, and England, with plans to expand to additional brands within Dovista’s portfolio in the near future.

Streamlined workflows are the key to success

With the new user-friendly solution, Dovista benefits from enhanced service operations, and an estimated 5-minute reduction in inquiry handling time. This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also saves the team several hours daily – in fact, the inquiries can now be handled with half the workforce.

The system also contributes to optimized internal workflows by providing an overview of the customer correspondence and increasing transparency through built-in rules: “Before, we had to fill in the information manually. Now with a single click, you can have the inquiry segmented and classified according to urgency,” explains Fredric Eckwall, SAP service specialist, Dovista A/S.

This way the employees are provided with a ‘worklist’ that helps them structure their work. Plus, with the unique ticket ID, the system assigns inquiries to employees familiar with the customer’s history, which boosts efficiency and service quality.

However, it’s not only the customer service department that reaps the benefits. With Service Cloud being built into the SAP system, Dovista collects a large amount of data that multiple parts of the organization utilize for quality control – including the production, procurement, and logistics departments. Additionally, the solution allows for more self service for Dovista’s larger retail customers that gain access to ticket history and open offers through an Extranet.

A scalable platform for the journey ahead

With the Service Cloud, Dovista has a solid foundation for future development. The platform is updated quarterly, and NTT DATA’s dedicated contact keeps Dovista up to date, ensuring they never miss a valuable business opportunity.

Looking ahead, Dovista is constantly seeking ways to improve their service processes and optimize costs: “Service was one aspect of the project. The other is a business aspect, where we are looking to gain more control and improve costs – and that is what we are working on now together with NTT DATA,” explains Jan Nielsen.

Currently, Dovista is in the process of rolling out a Field Service Management tool added to the Service Cloud, helping them create an overview of the coordination with their external technicians. The next step is to look at how AI can help optimize and act as a helping hand for the service employees, reducing response time even more.

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