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Why we've chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:

  • Expert knowledge of the consultants
  • Excellent references
The integrated SAP software has allowed us to standardise many processes and procedures across both sites, making staff feel that they are all part of the same unified organisation.

Laura Hetherington, Marketing Executive, Bespak Injectables

With 600 employees and a turnover of £83.8 million (€93.68 million), Bespak manufactures more than 500 million medical devices each year. As a leading supplier of inhaled drug delivery devices to the global pharmaceutical industry.
Bespak’s device portfolio includes metered dose inhaler valves, dry powder inhalers, and integrated dose counting actuators. Bespak devices are used by asthma and COPD sufferers worldwide.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Integrate a newly acquired company with the existing organization
  • Harmonize processes and procedures across both organizations
  • Drive efficiency improvements at the new company
  • Enable synergies across the 2 businesses



Bespak, King’s Lynn, United Kingdom

SAP Business All-in-One solution helps manufacturer integrate new acquisition

About the Project

As a mature user of SAP software, Bespak decided to support this strategy by replacing a variety of disparate software packages and proprietary applications at Bespak Injectables with an SAP Business All-in-One solution. Bespak turned to SAP partner NTT DATA Business Solutions Business Solutions (UK) Ltd for help with the implementation.

Targeting a completion date that would enable Bespak to start the financial year using the new solution, the joint Bespak-NTT DATA Business Solutions project team worked quickly to roll out the software in just 60 consultancy days – approximately five times faster than average for this type of implementation. According to Mark Newman, SAP service manager at Bespak, teamwork was also a key success factor. “Communication between NTT DATA Business Solutions consultants and our own internal team was excellent,” he confirms. “Everyone worked closely to meet our objectives on time and within budget.”

Bespak Injectables now uses the SAP solution to support everything from stock management to accounting. And with data processed and stored within the same standardized software, the organization has been able to centralize finance, purchasing, and production planning functions at Bespak’s King’s Lynn headquarters. As a result, the company has benefited from improved efficiency while reducing costs. “The integrated SAP software has allowed us to standardize many processes and procedures across both sites, making staff feel that they are all part of the same unified organization” sais Laura Hetherington, Marketing Executive at Bespak Injectables.

Mark Newman conclude: “Rolling out our SAP Business All-in-One solution has supported a smooth transition and helped us to modernize and upgrade Bespak Injectables’ enterprise performance infrastructure in a very short space of time, in a relatively
inexpensive way. We now know that it is a relatively straightforward task to roll out our standard SAP software to other companies, and we have a proven model that can work well again for any future acquisitions.”

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