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Get Ready 2 Run: Top Benefits of Rapid Deployment Solutions for Human Capital Management

The old adage states that time is money. When considering technology implementations, this still rings true, as both time and money tend to add up quickly, and a fast turnaround often brings a hefty price tag. Traditionally, implementing a new HR solution would require a business to allocate substantial budget and mandate internal commitment to get a project off the ground. After spending months putting a new solution in place, the next step was to turn around and begin onboarding staff and navigating new processes, resulting in an even longer time to value.

Understandably, the long timelines, big budgets, and requisite training pushed top-of-the-line HR solutions out of reach for many human resources departments. Fortunately, today’s rapid deployment solutions cut down rollout time, saving businesses money and putting new technology within reach for departments with smaller budgets. NTT DATA Business Solutions’ product suite leverages a rapid implementation approach for SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, allowing HR departments to see results fast. gives businesses and HR departments the tools they need while bringing a number of added benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed Timeline: Despite thorough planning and the best intentions, HR implementations often meet unexpected delays. it is built with a quick rollout in mind, and leverages a tried and true approach to guarantee your implementation is on time and at a fixed cost.
  • Integrated Best Practices: Once a solution is implemented, making it work for your team is often its own challenge. By incorporating HR business best practices, can help get you up and running faster with standardized content and templates.
  • Faster Time to Value: The goal of any investment is to drive a return, but delays and added costs can push this far down the line. By expediting implementation and incorporating industry expertise, fast tracks your ROI so your organization can reap the benefits of a solution in a matter of weeks.

The NTT DATA Business Solutions suite allows HR teams to fast track HCM implementations, including;

All three solutions are fully integrated and allow your organization to grow and quickly adapt to changing requirements. No matter your HR or business goals, rapid deployment solutions like can help you get up to speed and realize value, fast.

NTT DATA Business Solutions
NTT DATA Business Solutions

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