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HR Technology Trends: Top 3 Drivers for HR Technology Adoption

The first quarter of our HR Technology Survey continues to provide us with interesting insights into the HR industry and what professionals like you care about most. In the first blog in this series, we saw the Top 5 Priority Businesses Processes to Improve in HR. This next installment shows us the main drivers for HR technology adoption. We found 3 main drivers that motivate HR professionals across the board.

1. To Improve the Employee Experience

Part of the reason for the digital transformation in organizations has been the need to create a more engaging employee experience. The employee experience should be employee-centered, use the latest digital technologies (social and mobile), and be personalized. Employees are more productive when their HR department sees their experiences through their eyes. A culture of connectivity and celebrated milestones is important for the organization’s success. All of these factors contribute to a compelling and memorable experience for your employees that seeps over into their work.

2. To Access Automation and Remove Duplication

As you will see in our HR Technology Survey Q1 Trends Report (Coming Soon!), the importance of automation was something we heard about over and over again. HR professionals realize that they can create value in their organization by implementing automation tools. It takes away the task of manual processes, it helps connect HR business processes and analytics to the rest of the organization, and it lowers the likelihood of duplication – duplication of processes and duplication of entries. The time savings alone contributes to higher productivity rates and lower staffing costs.

3. To Reduce the Cost of Delivering HR Services

Implementing a human capital management system with the current HR technology that is available improves results and lowers costs for your organization. An integrated software solution can help you reduce routine administration and paperwork, automate core HR business processes, easily create accurate, timely reporting and analysis, increase retention with a high level of employee engagement, and reduce the cost of compliance and risk management.

HR professionals see that technology is vitally important in the digital transformation that is going on across organizations. If you’re not transforming with the times, you’re going to be left behind your competition.


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