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HR Technology Trends: HR Managers Spend the Bulk of Their Time on HR Analytics

The latest report from our HR Technology Survey continues to deliver some interesting insights into what Human Resources (HR) professionals like you care about most. One surprising find was that HR managers and super users spend a major portion of their time working on HR analytics and reporting.

Nearly half of HR managers and super users that responded to our survey say they spend the bulk of their time on the following HR analytics and reporting activities:

  • Building custom reports for ad hoc requests (45.2%)
  • Validating data accuracy across reports (37.1%)
  • Merging data from multiple sources (27.4%)

Even more interesting, HR managers reported that time spent on manual data input – at a whopping 50% — was among the biggest obstacles to meeting reporting deadlines, followed by time spent on manual adjustments (30.6%) and lack of standardized HR tools across the organization (27.4%).

However, the main cause of these HR analytics and reporting challenges is not directly related to reliability of data.  In fact, a majority of HR managers reported that their data is “somewhat reliable” (58.1%) or “very reliable” (17.7%).

It appears that lack of integration between systems and/or lack of standardized reporting tools are the main reasons that HR managers spend so much time on manual data input.  Clearly, a more automated reporting process could add significant value for the organization, freeing up HR management’s time for other, more important tasks.

It’s clear that exchanging employee data across platforms and between devices is vital to elevating HR’s view of the overall workforce – making it easier to plan and make strategic decisions.  Automating the reporting process is also a priority for HR management.

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