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AMS and the Technology Curve: What it Takes to Stay There

If you’re familiar with the book, Thank You for Being Late, by Thomas Friedman, you’re also likely familiar with the technology curve drawn by Astro Teller from Google X. The premise is that technology is now moving at a faster rate than our human ability to adapt; and while the pace of change has never been this fast, it will never be this slow again.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around; especially if you’re in IT. But as technology plays an increasingly important role in business, it also provides IT the opportunity to deliver more business value than ever.

What will it take for IT to keep pace with the accelerating technology curve? It will take full-on insight, flexibility and acceleration.


Without insight, IT has blind spots to what the business really needs. That’s the point where the business disregards the IT team and starts to move around them. They start solving their own problems with outside solutions, causing even more problems for the technology team.

In contrast, when IT has insight, it is out in front, leading the way. IT becomes a strategic partner for the business, fully aligned and identifying the right solutions to solve real business problems and build the roadmap for the future.


Inefficient staffing, budget challenges and inflexible support contracts mean that IT is locked in, with little to no flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. IT is exposed and vulnerable, and there is considerable friction with the business.

When IT has flexibility, it can more easily adjust to business demands by actively managing and investing resources and budget exactly where they are needed to take advantage of new opportunities.


When IT fails to stay relevant, the business starts to view it as a barrier and only reactive to issues as they occur. Even worse, IT lacks the insight and capacity to deliver technology enhancements that add real value. As a result, business momentum slows and competitors begin to pass you by.

When IT is keeping pace with the technology curve, it becomes a business enabler and an integral part of the business. IT is prescriptive, anticipating business needs and bringing solutions to the table to solve real business challenges.

Insight + Flexibility + Acceleration = On the Curve

Transformative CIOs are focusing a growing share of resources on innovation. Those who recognize and adapt to evolving challenges will help the business to accelerate business agility, performance and innovation. Those who don’t will eventually see their competitive advantage erode.

How can you get there? To survive in today’s fast-paced environment, it’s crucial to engage a strategic application management services (AMS) partner that delivers a true full-service approach that flexes with your needs and anticipates industry and technology developments. Doing so will help you set the pace of change and keep pace with the technology curve.

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Bill Strasser
Bill Strasser
Senior Vice President, Managed Services, NTT DATA Business Solutions North America

Bill Strasser is Senior Vice President of Managed Services for NTT DATA Business Solutions. He has more than 20 years in a variety of industries, including Automotive, Manufacturing and Medical Devices, with a focus on building IT organizations that partner with the business to gain significant value from the SAP platform. His specialized focus is on SAP Application Management Services and SAP HANA Transformation. During his time with NTT DATA Business Solutions, he previously served in roles that include Application Management Operations, Managed Services Solutions and Innovations, Managed Services Pre-Sales, and Managed Services Customer Engagement. Bill holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Information Services from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Xavier University.

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