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Raphael Stumpf | April 18, 2019

Electronic Data Exchange Made Easy – with it.x-EDIconnect

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Data exchange via EDI is an important factor for successful electronic communication between companies and their business partners. Particularly important is a reliable and functional EDI solution that is easy to handle and allows a secure and transparent information transmission.

B2B Communication in the Mid-Market: Transparent Data Exchange with it.x-EDIconnect

Offering this and other additional features, it.x-EDIconnect from NTT DATA Business Solutions is the ideal solution for mid-sized companies. The EDI solution allows a seamless exchange of e.g. orders, invoices, delivery notes, call-offs, and credits with customers and suppliers. it.x-EDIconnect supports all industry-specific data formats and electronic communication channels so that every business partner can be connected smoothly, no matter what ERP system they are using.

In order to help you maintain a complete overview of the fully automated EDI communication, it.x-EDIconnect includes an optimized, professional monitoring. Based on data, such as orders, articles, or invoice numbers, EDI data can be found and processes can be traced – completely without highly specific EDI terms.

Within the monitoring, the IT department can control all technical single activities at any time. This gives you the chance to intervene and make amendments if necessary.

A modern, easy to apply, mobile user interface rounds off the solution.

All these features make it.x-EDIconnect a top-class EDI solution, not only on-premise, but in the cloud as well. With EDI Managed Services you get a transparent, scalable and secure EDI cloud version.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Individual user interfaces for every application within specialist departments and your IT team
  • Transparency on each EDI process through professional, technical and protocol monitoring
  • Easy connection with your business partners and access to a variety of mapping solutions at a fixed price
  • ERP independence with consulting experience in the integration of external business partners and many internal systems
  • Full cost transparency and relief for your IT department through the use of our EDI cloud solution

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