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Zehnder Group

Why we've chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:

  • Convincing information event
  • Self-developed solution for organizing master data in SAP
  • Short implementation duration

it.mds provides pre-configured, highly automated workflows and significantly increases the efficiency of material master data. The quality and consistency of data have also increased considerably, which benefits our colleagues in production, development, and sales.

Cornelia Haldemann, Group IT Static Data CoC, Zehnder Group

Employees: 3,100

SAP Users: 1,100

Zehnder Group AG, based in Gränichen in the Swiss canton of Aargau, is an international manufacturer. The Zehnder Group makes energyefficient, healthy, and comfort-enhancing indoor climate solutions. As a leading provider in this market segment, it produces radiators, radiant ceiling panels for heating and cooling, and comfort ventilation and air purification systems. These are distributed nationally and internationally. Its products are made in modern factories in Europe and abroad, and distributed under various brand names. The group’s most important market is Europe, but it is also active in China and North America, and employs around 3,100 people worldwide.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Master data was primarily maintained manually


  • Comprehensive overview of product data, customer and supplier master data, and purchasing info record
  • it.mds can be integrated into SAP ERP
  • Orderly maintenance ensures data quality
  • Manual maintenance of fields is reduced based on rule sets
  • Time to market for products improves


  • it.master data simplified (it.mds)
Zehnder Group

Improved data quality and easier maintenance of master data – with it.mds

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Take Control of High-Quality Master Data by Automation, Simplification and Governance

it.mds makes things simpler and at the same time provides a better overview. With it.mds errors are minimized and quality can be maximized time-effectively.

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About the Project

As hosting customers of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, Cornelia Haldemann and Hans Fankhauser discovered the it.mds AddOn at an NTT DATA Business Solutions information event. Shortly afterwards, the Zehnder Group decided to introduce the product. It took only one month to install and commission it.mds.

„Until then, we had to process the material master data for migration in an Access database,” explains Cornelia Haldemann. “The database couldn’t be used to maintain the master data, so it was manually maintained for the most part.”

it.mds now incorporates an intelligent rule set that can be used for migration and longterm maintenance by specialist departments. It simplifies master data maintenance, and increases data conformity and quality. The Zehnder Group’s data processing, storage and validation are already benefiting from it.mds, and there have been significant savings with each rollout to its ten sales and seven production companies, which will be complete by the end of 2016.

it.mds requires the business to coordinate its expectations with the application managers very precisely, to derive rules for the data,” Hans Fankhauser reports. “This changes the way we collaborate, but it also speeds up and simplifies our internal processes and improves data quality.”

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