Why use the SAP NetWeaver Business Client?

SAP customers have asked for screens that look more like current internet applications, and to filter out input fields they do not need for their business roles. This is the main reason the focus has shifted to SAP Fiori. This collection of apps delivers a highly attractive web user experience for smartphones, tablets, and desktops – but you can also enhance the user experience for native SAP GUI users with NetWeaver® Business Client (NWBC).

Improve the user experience
Over the last couple of years I have seen a heightened interest by SAP customers in the potential of NWBC to enhance the user experience. NWBC provides a common single entry point to integrate different UI technologies and frameworks. In my opinion, NWBC (more specifically, NWBC 4.0 and beyond) is one of the underappreciated tools in SAP’s usability offerings.

Fields of application
SAP Fiori was designed to handle simple processes in a simple way; NWBC was developed to provide power users with the information needed to do their daily job, without needing to perform the multiple transactions they are accustomed to in SAP GUI.

More in-depth knowledge to download
Provided that you want to enhance the experience for your SAP users, consider the benefits of NWBC alongside SAP Fiori. In the expert paper you can download below, I will explain in depth the fields of application for both NWBC and Fiori.

NWBC has much potential
My conclusion is, that NWBC is here to stay, and that as an organization we should be better at promoting it both internally and to customers. There is so much potential for this tool to provide a huge advantage for all types of customers.

Peter Mols
Peter Mols

Peter Mols is part time Consultant manager in the Nordic Business Solution department and also part time member of the Global Business solution department with primary focus on supporting the western European countries with their demo needs. The focus of his work is adopting the newest User Interface/Experience from SAP into our local/global solution and presales offerings and guiding our customers in the right direction, when usability issues are raised. Have been working with SAP NetWeaver business Client since the first release several years ago and been part of several customer projects, where use of NWBC have been in scope.

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