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How you can streamline projects and arrange the perfect team for each assignment.


Integrated Business Processes Lead to Greater Profits

Project-oriented companies must be able to offer maximum added value to their clients. At the right price. With the right people at the right time. And preferably as predictably as possible, so that your clients, as well as their own organization, are not confronted with unexpected surprises. Predictability is the key! Through our industry knowledge and experience, we know what this means for you and how you can meet the expectations of all parties involved in your project.

The People Group

We were looking for a partner who could make processes manageable for our employees as well as someone in possession of the knowledge necessary to set up a future-proof application landscape and with the courage to take the lead. Seven months is all it took to achieve what we wanted.

Bas van Laar, owner of The People Group

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Complexity in Focus

More and more companies are outsourcing core tasks. Service providers benefit from this by gaining new contracts and growth opportunities.

But the already complex B2B services market is becoming even more demanding due to varying contract formats and long product cycles – not to mention the search for suitable specialists. In this landscape, only those who have complete control over all fundamental processes and automate as much as possible are able to survive.

Are You Facing These Challenges as a Professional Services Provider?

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to maintain an overview of margins and revenue when undertaking a diverse range of projects simultaneously?

  • Do basic processes, such as time tracking, recording travel expenses, or order to cash often not run smoothly?
  • Are you constantly searching for talented employees?
  • Is staffing your projects costing valuable time without you knowing if your teams are actually working well together?
  • Do you have to organize numerous transactions between subsidiaries?
  • Do you lack the necessary insights regarding your projects?

If any of these things sound familiar, it is time to rethink your processes. We are there to help you.

Become More Efficient with Integrated Processes and Real-Time Analysis

Order to Cash

Standardize all processes from the order to the receipt of payment and consolidate them in a central system for all employees to use. Innovative professional services solutions and support from NTT DATA Business Solutions enable you to do this.

You ensure that time tracking is correctly and consistently managed due to simple and intuitive functionality, which is also available via a mobile app. You can analyze projects, from resource allocation to profitability, and ultimately bill for your services more quickly.

Scouting and Recruiting

Compared to professional services, hardly any other industry is so reliant on finding specialist employees so quickly and being able to adapt them to projects. However, the shortage of highly-skilled professionals is showing no signs of improving in the near future. In the race to acquire top talent, speed and transparency are decisive factors.

NTT DATA Business Solutions experts support you with integrated software solutions to match the skills you need with what is available on the job market, and immediately prepare contracts.


We are certain that your company has the proper talent and vital knowledge. But do you know who excels in certain tasks? Or who is available? And which colleagues work best together?

If you decide all of this based on a gut feeling, there is every chance that your next project may run smoothly – but there is a real risk that it won’t. A consistent talent base that comprises all employees as well as skills, and supports effective staffing of projects, offers you certainty.

Talent Management

Specialists are currently in short supply. That is why it is important to take a systematic approach and nurture existing talent, including both new and experienced employees.

Strategic personal development becomes a reality with NTT DATA Business Solutions. This enables you to retain top performers and develop your pool of expertise in a target-driven manner.

Intercompany Booking

Behind many professional services companies, there is an entire series of legally independent units, often based in different countries. And while company executives want to see the figures for entire departments and projects, legislation requires a breakdown by country. This makes accounting complex.

You may even find yourself issuing more internal invoices than customer bills. Structure and automation are in demand. Our global team helps you simplify international intercompany transactions.

Seamlessly Integrated Processes Worldwide

For projects to run smoothly, every step needs to be integrated – from the first meeting with the customer to the project billing. Our broad SAP expertise ensures that all of your processes can seamlessly function together.

Hein Kivits, Director Professional Services, NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux

Our Solutions for Professional Services

SAP Business ByDesign

NTT DATA Business Solutions helps you streamline business processes at your organization with the cloud ERP solution SAP Business ByDesign.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a complete ERP solution that comes with best practices for core business processes to unleash the Potential of Cloud-Based ERP.

A SAP Partner Who Understands: We Think and Act Like You

For us as a complete service provider, clear IT implementation is just a normal part of the job. Just like you, we do business based on projects, and we face very similar challenges. That’s why we understand exactly what is important in your day-to-day business. And we always do our very best, just like you do.

How Our Customers Benefit from Us


Together with NTT DATA Business Solutions, Ceyoniq could implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud as their new ERP system in only six months and as a special project highlight, only four sub processes required slight adjustments.

The People Group

Een single source of truth met kraakhelder real-time inzicht en een verbeterde cashflowpositie. Allemaal dankzij een enkele krachtige SaaS-oplossing die de strategie van The People Group ondersteunt.

The Future of Professional Services

Project-oriented or consultancy organisations are always thinking about new business models to discuss and implement for their customers. NTT DATA Business Solutions is no exception to that. The traditional business model has always been to invoice your customers, based on time and materials. But what is the status quo and tenability of this business model compared to our ever-evolving world economy and rapid developments in technology? Are you equipped to face the changing needs of other markets and your customers? In other words: Are you ready for digital transformation?

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