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Digital transformation helps companies reach their full potential – if the underlying technologies work for the people using them! At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we design, implement, manage and continuously enhance SAP solutions to make them work for companies – and for their people.

Let’s Transform Your Business into an Intelligent Enterprise!

Your Areas of Opportunity to Become an Intelligent Enterprise


Your data provides important information: What your customers need and what you should offer to them. How your products and services can be optimized. Or how to improve your workflow. Exploiting your data is crucial to your business!


Analyzing data is key to your success. To do so, your business needs a powerful IT infrastructure. Processing data requires a stable digital core and smoothly running data operations. Otherwise, your company lacks efficiency!


The usage of advanced technologies is essential for a future-oriented enterprise. But not every innovation leads to progress. Picking the right technology for the assigned purpose is pivotal!

Our Joint Approach to Your Intelligent Enterprise


We develop an individual strategy with which your specific business objectives can be put into effect. We design your entire SAP landscape with all the included technological solutions. This creates the perfect foundation for your success.


We put the overall strategy into service by setting up your IT infrastructure, implementing all the required technologies or modifying existing components. After all, your SAP environment can carry out your objectives.


Keeping your infrastructure stable and productive is key. We take care of the administration, manage all ongoing processes and constantly monitor the functionality of your IT landscape.


We are continuously looking to optimize your SAP landscape. If there is room for improvement, we integrate our innovative technologies in order to increase your efficiency.

Our Solutions for Transforming Your Business into an Intelligent Enterprise


We lay the groundwork for your effective data processing and analysis. We evaluate your digital infrastructure, develop an IT strategy that fits your needs and implement it into your SAP environment.


Your enhanced IT landscape has to operate perfectly in order to create value. From maintenance over hosting to application management – we make sure that everything works fail-safe, scalable and cost-efficient.


Our broad pallet of innovative technologies allows us to provide you with what you specifically need. Our set of Intelligent Technologies or our own developed AddOns let you reach your full potential.

We Have the Expertise to Transform Your Business

  • 30+ years of experience
  • 5000+ Managed Services projects
  • 30.000+ projects, consultings and trainings a year
  • 460+ SAP S/4HANA projects

We Are Your Global Expert for Innovation

  • TOP 8 global IT service provider in the Gartner Ranking of 2019
  • 130.000 passionate experts providing full IT service
  • 6.000 satisfied customers in more than 60 countries

We Are, Wherever You Are

Since we are a proud part of the global NTT DATA group, we have the capacities to help our customers on any given project and anywhere in the world.

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Profit from Our Strong Partnerships

Onze Other Partnerships

Our Aspiring Projects

SAP Concur voor itelligence Benelux

Van 3 dagen naar 3 uur per maand. SAP Concur maakt het declaratieproces voor de consultants en financial controllers van itelligence sneller en slimmer.

Bilthoven Biologicals

Bilthoven Biologicals wilde haar logistieke keten optimaliseren en nog transparanter maken. In slechts zes maanden implementeerden en valideerden we onder meer SAP ERP en onze pharmaceutical template.

Sanquin Plasma Products

Sanquin Plasma Products heeft haar parmaceutische supply chain onder controle dankzij itelligence en SAP ATTP. SAP ATTP minimaliseert de kosten om compliant te blijven en ondersteunt een veilige supply chain.

Een toonaangevend bedrijf op het gebied van vis- en schaaldierenverwerking

Digitale transformatie van toonaangevend visbedrijf aan het IJsselmeer: een toekomstbestendig visbedrijf met SAP S/4HANA.

The People Group

Een single source of truth met kraakhelder real-time inzicht en een verbeterde cashflowpositie. Allemaal dankzij een enkele krachtige SaaS-oplossing die de strategie van The People Group ondersteunt.

VU University Amsterdam

"SAP Student Lifecycle Management is a state-of-the-art solution. It is fully integrated. And we believe it's future-proof." Anne Kaldewaij, Program Director for the New Student Information Systems, VU University Amsterdam

Saxion Hogescholen

"Student lifecycle management in één systeem, live inzicht, toegankelijk voor anderstalige studenten, dat biedt it.education." Hans Oeloff, Directeur Servicecentrum Informatie, Saxion Hogescholen

Mechan Groep

SAP ERP biedt toonaangevende importeur van tractoren, werktuigen en machines gestroomlijnde bedrijfsprocessen met gebruik van de nieuwste technologie. In de video vertelt René Schwiete, CFO Mechan Groep, over de webshop die volledig met SAP is geïntegreerd.

MCi (Mirror Controls International)

"Onze verzelfstandiging betekent dat MCi autonoom moet kunnen opereren, maar dan wel op een geïntegreerde slimme manier, die standaardisatie en efficiency met zich meebrengt." Robert Doekes, CFO MCi Holdings BV


Everlam N.V. is gestart met de implementatie van SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management (EM) met SFIN door SAP partner itelligence. Met de keuze voor het nieuwe SAP HANA platform en SAP S/4HANA EM is Everlam klaar voor de toekomst en kan het in de toekomst probleemloos doorgroeien.

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