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The Functional Testing and Performance and Load Testing solutions offered by OpenText ensure that you manage your systems and applications with minimum risk and error.

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Be Prepared at All Times with End-to-End Testing

As rapidly advancing technologies increase, the systems and applications being deployed are also growing continuously in number. It is of great importance for ensuring smooth structural management to frequently check your systems to see if they are running properly with full capacity and applications and perform the required tests regularly. When the tests are manually performed, the rate of error increases, and the results can fail to reflect reality.

As a Gold Partner of OpenText, we help you to discover and manage the true potential of your systems and applications based on the most accurate metrics and to develop them to cater to the requirements of your process with the Functional Testing (UFT Family) it offers. The Performance and Load Testing (LoadRunner Family) enables you to examine future scenarios and see how prepared your infrastructure’s performance is for the future.


Functional Testing Solution Family (UFT Family)

OpenText Functional Testing solution family (UFT Family) helps you eliminate such problems as project delays, inability to detect possible bottlenecks and errors, and problems related to the integration of applications and platforms. Offering you a seamless project experience, this solution ensures that you always remain ahead of your competitors. Not only it is difficult to manage problems faced in SAP or non-SAP systems and integrations, but these problems can also affect many systems negatively.

With the Functional Testing solution family, you can successfully achieve end-to-end integrated system and project implementation.


With UFT One, you can achieve smart automation in your web and mobile services, APIs, and applications. Offering simplicity, this solution also enables time and effort savings in your test processes. It allows you to build tests with increased flexibility, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Supporting more than 200 SAP and non-SAP technologies, it allows you to test various infrastructures simultaneously within a comprehensive integration ecosystem.

UFT Mobile

With UFT Mobile, you can detect, improve, monitor, and optimally manage system errors via a centralized and easily accessible structure to achieve uninterrupted development and analysis. It reduces the time required for such efforts to a minimum. Its mobile device lab allows testing and development teams to perform the necessary actions without the necessity of connecting to “Workstation” sites.

UFT Developer

You can perform “Shift-Left” testing with this offering which takes the environmental factors into consideration throughout a project. This eliminates the necessity to wait until the project is completed and allows for error testing at any phase. Accelerating test implementation, it also provides support to improve code quality. With this solution, you can also perform parallel testing for quick detection of bottlenecks.

Service Virtualization

You can discover, design, and simulate your user-independent services and APIs with this solution. You can enhance the quality of your tests and establish a secure and measurable testing process through the realistic data it provides. It eliminates the need for software provided by third parties, enabling a simple and lower-cost structure.


Performance and Load Testing Solution Family (LoadRunner Family)

Customer experience and loyalty are directly and indirectly affected by the performance of your applications and infrastructures. The Performance and Load Testing Solution Family (LoadRunner Family) offered by OpenText allows you to perform complex load and stress tests on your web-based and/or mobile-based platforms and applications and to examine them using performance-based scenarios. You can also achieve a high-level capacity for analysis and reporting through real-time with online or offline monitoring. The LoadRunner Family enables you to improve the performance of running systems and applications to offer an advanced customer experience.

LoadRunner Professional

With the market’s widest protocol and application range, this solution enables advanced performance testing with a simple structure. Using realistic load and stress scenarios and coherent data, it offers estimations regarding platform and infrastructure performance and capacity. Its scalable and centralized structure offers cost benefits as well.

LoadRunner Enterprise

With its centralized structure, your teams in different parts of the world can successfully perform load and performance tests on a single screen. By establishing a holistic structure of performance engineering, you can also collaboratively manage your test results from a single point. You can achieve global network virtualization and conduct performance measurements with this solution without having to use any additional inputs or software.

LoadRuner Cloud

LoadRunner Cloud is a cloud-based load and performance testing solution. Its scalable structure, low-cost hardware, and shorter detection time provide significant advantages to your business. Eliminating the need to focus on test infrastructures and adaptations, enables your team to utilize loads, management tools, and displays that meet the requirements of your business in a cloud environment.

LoadRunner Developer

By using this solution that enables “Shift-Left” performance testing with its next-generation interfaces and modern structure, you can devise and build the framework for performance testing, run your tests and quickly analyze the results within the development ecosystem. It can be seamlessly integrated through any IDE or CI and provides an efficient testing environment.


Provide an Error-Free and Efficient Testing Process Management

In more than 30 years, we have successfully realized numerous projects as NTT DATA Business Solutions. Based on this experience, we support you to ensure that your business and its processes are running properly and with full capacity.

Anticipating the requirements of your industry and scale, we offer our support with the most suitable applications and solutions to meet the requirements. With a comprehensive understanding of the applications and technologies offered by OpenText, we help you reach the full potential of your projects and processes by addressing them with regard to the requirements of your business as a Gold Partner of OpenText.

OpenText IT Service Management (ITSM)

End-to-End Management of Help Desk and IT Service Management on a Single Platform

OpenText’ ITSM solution SMAX significantly reduces the workload of your IT staff with the next-generation technologies it offers. Providing support for the automation of repetitive tasks and efficiency in time management, SMAX enables you to reduce the number of open Tickets by minimizing human errors. Its user-friendly interface provides support and easy to use the platform to your employees with ease in requesting support and enables time and effort savings.

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