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Do you want to enhance your efficiency and profitability with AI, but aren’t sure where to begin? Our AI experts help you optimize your use of AI, big data and advanced analytical methods to place you at the forefront of disruption in your sector.

Tap your AI potential: How much more could AI be doing for you?

Successful use of AI demands a holistic approach based on your business context, goals, existing technologies, and more. With this in mind, our experts seek to acquire a deep understanding of your business that considers all relevant factors in depth. We can help in one or both of the following two ways:

Our AI advisory services include:

  • AI Maturity Assessment – designed to help you understand your ‘AI status quo’
  • AI Scan – designed to identify high-potential use cases based on your current ways of working

These options can be commissioned as effective stand-alone services or jointly as an integrated package. The findings acquired across the AI Maturity Assessment and AI Scan are designed to mutually inform and build on one another, providing 360-degree insights to propel ambitious AI projects to success.


Cover page of our AI maturity assessment report as part of our ai advisory services.

AI Maturity Assessment

Generative AI as a business tool is still in its relative infancy. Any business that has embarked upon its AI journey – and even those that have yet to do so – will recognize that AI technologies are far from ‘plug-and-go’. Success with AI requires a mature business context in which to situate your endeavors, including strategic alignment, data infrastructure, and governance. To achieve this, you need to know your status quo.

This is where the AI Maturity Assessment comes in. We evaluate the current AI maturity level of your business and develop actionable strategies to advance your company towards maximum AI impact.

Your benefits:

  • Identify bottlenecks for your business success with AI
  • Equip your decision-makers with strategic insights for AI investments
  • Establish a baseline for ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement
  • Develop actionable strategies to advance your AI agenda
  • Save time on experimentation and equip your business to reap the benefits of AI ahead of competitors
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Graphic with five pillars of our AI maturity assessment.

How does the AI Maturity Assessment work?

We evaluate your AI-related capabilities across 5 pillars – people, strategy, technology, data, and governance.

  • People: Current skill levels, training capabilities, sentiment, and adoption of AI in the workforce.
  • Strategy: The alignment of current and envisioned AI initiatives and roadmaps with business strategy.
  • Technology: The available technology infrastructure and current tools, services and platforms.
  • Data: The availability, integrity, management and governance of data for analytics and AI.
  • Governance: The current and envisioned frameworks, regulatory compliance, ethical AI and data security.

Tools we use: We use digital assessments, key stakeholder interviews and workshops for your detailed AI maturity assessment.

Cover page of our AI scan report as part of our ai advisory services.

AI Scan: Discover your potential

In our AI Scan, we mine your current ways of working in depth to uncover high-value AI use cases for your business.

Your benefits:

  • Discover areas within your organization that are ripe for AI augmentation
  • Match new or best practice AI techniques with relevant use cases
  • Establish a roadmap for AI endeavors, prioritized by value, feasibility, risk, cost and strategic alignment
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Graphic that shows the methodology of our AI scan offering.

How does the AI scan work?

We use a mixed method approach to mine your current processes and ways of working.

  • We analyze your current processes and cross-reference these with your AI use cases and global AI portfolio.
  • We evaluate AI use cases in terms of value, feasibility, risks, cost, and strategic alignment and identify those with the highest potential.



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