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Turn rough ideas into tangible outcomes: With us by your side as an innovation and technology partner, your business is empowered to rapidly innovate in the way that suits it best.

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We Make Digital Real

At the Global Innovation Team, we’re passionate about empowering our customers to think afresh and step out of their comfort zone. We do this because we understand that innovation is not a choice.

How do we achieve this goal? We do it by making digital easy, practical and manageable for all businesses – no matter their level of digital maturity. We take cutting-edge technologies such as (generative) AI, IoT, digital humans, and cloud platforms, and maximize their benefits using our industry and SAP expertise.

What’s more, we do this in a way that allows you to scale and integrate novel technologies with existing technologies and platforms at any time. In short, we make digital real.

Our Areas of Innovation Expertise

Thinking woman head with graphics visualizing AI.

AI & Generative AI

AI transforms industries through intelligent problem-solving, pattern recognition, and decision-making. Within this broader AI realm, generative AI fuels innovation by improving efficiency and enhancing customer personalization. Our AI solutions help clients uncover use cases, build maturity, solve business challenges and succeed using the power of AI and next-gen technologies.

Woman looking at ther smartphone that shows a digital human.

Digital Humans

Digital humans represent a pioneering approach to customer service. Available 24/7 and in multiple places simultaneously, these extraordinary digital employees - sophisticated chatbots with a human-like appearance - provide a consistently personalized, context-based service. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we understand how to develop a digital human persona that adds value to your business. Click to learn more about the it.human platform, our digital human solution.

Young girl with VR glasses in the metaverse.


Step into the metaverse, a new frontier of digital innovation that's reshaping the way businesses engage and interact. By bridging the virtual and physical realms, the metaverse offers unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and tailor-made customer experience. We've compiled 7 simple steps to get you started on your journey. Download the free infographic to find out more.

Wind turbine in a green environment.


We reconcile sustainability goals with commercial value creation through the expert integration of sustainability and business strategies, using data and technology to drive sustainability gains that benefit the bottom line, top line and compliance & risk management. We also help our clients to document, report and share sustainability data with the goal of driving value creation. Click to learn more about our offerings in this vital field.

Cloud in the sky visualizing cloud computing.

Cloud Platforms

As a long-standing SAP Platinum Partner with over three decades of experience in digital, we offer comprehensive expertise in SAP BTP and a deep understanding of all SAP products and services. We collaborate with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to design optimal cloud-based and hybrid system architectures for our customers.

City with paved roads.

Connected Ecosystems & IoT

Connected ecosystems seek to simplify and enhance our interactions with technology by enabling seamless connectivity and data sharing as well as integration and collaboration between a multitude of devices and services. By helping businesses to become more intelligent and better connected, we also improve overall process efficiency.

Our Innovation Services

Co-Innovation Services

  • Co-Innovation workshop: from idea to development

Strategy & Design

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Business prioritization
  • Operating model design


  • Configuration & Development
  • Security services
  • Training & Enablement

Operation & Optimization

  • Support & Maintenance – operate, connect, manage & support
  • Optimization services – ecosystem lifecycle management

Our Innovation Track Record

70 +
Innovation cases across various industries
600 +
Employees working with AI, IoT, Robotics, Blockchain, RPA & more
6 +
Global Innovation Centers

Our Partners

Innovation Insights

Our Innovation Success Stories

Digital Receptionist at Krifa HQ | it.human platform
Watch on Digital Receptionist at Krifa HQ | it.human platform

How a Digital Receptionist is Boosting Colleagues' Job Satisfaction

For Danish unemployment insurance fund Krifa, the transition to a fully digital HQ reception desk was a key part of its wider digital transformation. Digitalizing the reception desk freed up former reception staff to utilize their customer service experience in new roles, creating value for members and customers. We leveraged the power of our it.human platform to convert Krifa’s requirements into an engaging digital receptionist designed for efficient and charming service.

Here, Shahab Milani, Head of Sales and Department at Krifa, describes the transformation process.

Personalized Education with the AI Learning Helper
Watch on Personalized Education with the AI Learning Helper

Winner of the SAP Innovation Award: Our AI Learning Helper

AI technology such as digital avatars can support children and teachers as part of personalized education solutions. In this example, our AI Learning Helper helps children to become confident readers. The teaching engine helps pupils with vocabularies, pronunciation, and understanding stories, while the digital avatar can ask and answer questions and detect emotions.

The solution equips teachers with a Learning Helper dashboard that provides information about the learning profiles and progress of their students. Watch the video to learn more about this award-winning project.

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Transformation NOW! events invite you to explore the entire universe of NTT Data Business Solutions at conference centers around the globe. Designed for businesses who deal with SAP®, our Transformation NOW! days offer exclusive deep dives and expert views on trends, technologies and solutions. Get inspired, share ideas on tackling digitization and innovation, and lead your business to success through real added value.

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Wherever You Stand, Start Today

Whether you’ve a concrete challenge to solve or the seed of an idea to bring to life, we’re here to help you swing into action. Our innovation team will support you to define your individual roadmap to innovation and take your first steps today. Contact our team to find out how we can help.