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Upgrade your transportation and warehouse management and optimize your supply chain execution

How to Optimize Supply Chain Planning Execution

New trends and technologies have an impact on supply chains across all industries. To meet the higher expectations, companies are under pressure to reduce planning cycles and find new ways to eliminate supply chain complexity. This calls for comprehensive and flexible supply chain planning to ensure faster responses.

Companies require effective warehouse management, transportation management and logistics execution systems. At the same time, they need to manage an extended supply chain where all planning and supply chain execution processes are seamlessly connected. This necessitates the sharing of live information throughout the supply network. Real-time IT facilitates this collaboration, helping enterprises prepare for any eventuality.

NTT DATA Business Solutions Has Over 30 years’ of Experience in SAP Implementations and an In-Depth Knowledge of Cross-Industry Business Processes and IoT Scenarios.

lligence provides innovative solutions for supply chain management and logistics.

NTT DATA Business Solutions: Bringing Innovation to SCM with Best-of-Breed Solutions

With highly integrated solutions for transportation management and warehouse management, NTT DATA Business Solutions ensures an optimal interaction of the individual supply chain areas, warehouse logistics, transportation management systems and track & trace.

As keen innovators with a close relationship to SAP, we are involved in the development of new SCM solutions from the outset. What is more, we are present in 24 countries around the globe, meaning you can rely on our expertise and round-the-clock support wherever you are.

Are You Facing Business Challenges in Supply Chain Management?

Modern Tech for Increased Supply Chain Efficiency

In addition to posing several challenges for supply chain management, the digital age presents a number of opportunities. For example, millennial employees are demanding access to intuitive user interfaces – such as those of smartphones and tablets – in the workplace. Embracing these devices encourages a more flexible, mobile workforce. It also helps employees learn new processes more quickly, potentially reducing the amount of time and money companies must dedicate to training.

Meanwhile, other technologies such as automated conveyor systems and logistics tools can raise productivity and quality standards in warehousing. Furthermore, innovations like robotics and augmented reality can assist in manufacturing operations, increasing overall supply chain efficiency.

Digital Transformation with NTT Data Business Solutions
Watch on Digital Transformation with NTT Data Business Solutions

Get to know why Digital Transformation will be the key for your future success. It is not about just replacing old technology with new capabilities, it is about transforming the way we think and act. Join us on the journey to the digital age. Let’s start right now.

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Digital Twin Scenario – Part 2 – Bring Your Things to Life
Watch on Digital Twin Scenario – Part 2 – Bring Your Things to Life

In this video, Wolfgang Möller gives a lecture on the concept of digital twins as applied to the product lifecycle management of a warehouse.

Be inspired by our digital twin scenario, providing a view from all parties involved: the manufacturer, the operator, and the maintenance provider.

Transform Your Business with NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Supply Chain Management AddOns

NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed a wide range of solutions to enhance and expand you IT landscape and supply chain processes.

All of our SCM AddOns are designed to meet the requirements of a connected and digitalized world and help to simplify and monitor your supply chain processes. The solutions cover areas such as smart supply chain planning and logistics, efficient delivery and goods management, optimized warehouse management and advanced transportation management.

Visit our AddStore to learn more about our supply chain management AddOns and what we can do for your business processes.

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mobilcom-debitel: Reliable, Flexible & Fast Shipping Processes with it.x-press
Watch on mobilcom-debitel: Reliable, Flexible & Fast Shipping Processes with it.x-press

mobilcom-debitel is the largest wireless network provider in Germany, shipping up to 10,000 items per day. Thanks to it.x-press developed by NTT DATA Business Solutions, mobilcom-debitel needs less personnel, delivers about 10% more daily output, and reduced its error quote significantly.

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How Our Customers Benefit from Us

Manufacturer of cereals, muesli, bars and plant-based drinks DE-VAU-GE now benefits from special planning heuristics.

The automation and new functionalities of SAP PP/DS relieve users in their day-to-day business and minimize planning efforts. DE-VAU-GE now benefits from special planning heuristics tailored to the company as well as an upgrade of the graphical detailed planning board.

Diehl Brass

At the same time, optimised production planning makes an important contribution to sustainability. The forecasts will become even more accurate in the future: SAP S/4HANA enables even closer integration of planning, and availability checks against material and / or customer will also be possible.

Image Case Study Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH
Schwan Cosmetics

Bundled expertise, speed and fixed prices: With the Conversion Factory's planning-safe methodology, the conversion was realised smoothly in time & budget and technical challenges were mastered.

Image Mynaric AG

As a pioneer in the aerospace industry, Mynaric decided to become a first mover in the SAP world and was one of the first customers to choose SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition (PCE). The introduction was implemented within the framework of SAP Best Practices and could be set live after just...


With it.x-EDIcloud as a central platform, B2C communication and standardised processes are made possible, as incoming orders and messages in EDI format are easily processed further as IDOC.

Ferdinand Menrad

With the integrated software component EWM, essential requirements for an extended warehouse management are fulfilled. Consistent warehouse processes allow insight into the order status across the entire supply chain at any time.

Solution Brief
Accelerate Business by Automating Your Transport Management Processes

Many companies still manage master data maintenance and customization manually. This is time-consuming and changes are not maintained as fast as lead times change. NTT DATA Business Solutions' solution ensures data quality and saves time in the IT department

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