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Shaping the Role of IT in the Process of Digital Transformation

Be the driver of digital transformation in your company by creating the right IT infrastructure and strategy.

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What Does Digital Transformation Mean for IT?

Digitalization is a process that affects the whole company. It is also a chance for your IT department to improve its own structures to be the driver of that change. By preparing the organization for new technologies that pay into the overall business goals, you as IT manager or CIO can step into the role of a transformation leader and support all other business areas on the journey to Digital Transformation. Yet you are not alone: We from NTT DATA Business Solutions are your partner to grow with and offer you best-in-class IT solutions to optimize your department in the best and most diverse way.

The Role of IT in Best-Run Midsize Companies

97 % of respondents who work in best-run midsize companies strongly believe the people across their company have a common, agreed-upon understanding of key performance indicators.

IDC Corporate USA, February 2019

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Turn Your Personal Challenges into Opportunities

On the way to digital transformation, you probably face some personal challenges regarding your role as innovation leader. If you look at them more as opportunities, you will realize the potential value that lies in overcoming the objectives.

  • Strategic Mindset: By asking how technology can solve customer problems, you want to change from a tech centric to a rather customer centric view. That means taking on strategic responsibility and adjusting IT strategy to business goals. The value is to have a consistent alignment of business and IT area and gain visibility as well as acceptance as strategic driver and business enabler.
  • Agility: The ability to deal with change is key when you have to answer the need for constant development – both in technologies and skills. By adapting to the ongoing change processes, you can shape your competence in agility and competitiveness.
  • Communication Skills: For transformation affects all business areas, IT innovations have to be promoted in-house. That means you need to collaborate closely with departments and stakeholders and speak their language. If you succeed in presenting topics through a non-tech lens, you create common understanding and gain acceptance.
  • Role Definition: You want to define your role concerning expanding responsibilities? Gaining clarity about expectations and responsibilities results in self-confident IT leadership and a clear communication about task distribution.

These are just some examples for obstacles – or should we call them opportunities – that may come your way. Whatever the challenge, we are there to help and enable you to take on your role as driver for Digital Transformation in your company.

Benefit from Our Knowledge of Digital Transformation Support

We at NTT DATA Business Solutions draw on more than 30 years of knowledge and practical experience that enable us to support you with solutions tailored to the needs of your business when it comes to digital transformation.

Business Process Integration

Your company looks beyond its own boundaries and wants to work together with its partners, customers, and suppliers? Business Process Integration enables you to exchange information and securely share data to work towards a common goal. That is made possible by automating processes and integrating interorganizational systems which we can help you find, customize, install, and operate.

System Integration

We implement best digital solutions into your business processes so that all IT systems can functionally work together. The results are higher productivity and better quality of your overall business operations.

User Experience

When handling devices like laptops and smartphones, your employees need an intuitive and consistent user experience (UX) to work efficiently. We support you with developing and implementing a UX strategy that increases user acceptance as well as productivity and that fits the needs and structure of your business.

Innovation Technologies

Platform as a Service (PaaS), Cloud Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) – there are many new technologies that could or could not be of value for your business. Thus, finding the right, individual digital solution for your company is our highest aim.

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How We Can Support You

We do not want to take control of your role as IT manager or CIO but enable you to achieve your goals, to turn your ideas into reality, and help you to claim your role as business driver. For that, we provide more than just consultancy – we act as an extension of your IT team and accelerator for finding digital solutions, streamlining processes, and using resources more effectively.

We at NTT DATA Business Solutions are a long-standing SAP partner, with nearly three decades of experience in digital solutions, best practices, and cutting-edge technology worldwide. We support businesses of all sizes with comprehensive and global managed services, including managed cloud.

Our Managed Cloud Services
Optimized truck runs.

Digital Transformation Put into Practice

Imagine a company in the logistics and transport industry that has to manage its fleets efficiently or else runs the risk of losing money on “empty trips” and unsatisfied customers. The solution: An app implementing smart planning algorithms and visualization dashboards that can handle order requests and bookings from all stakeholders’ point of view. By utilizing blockchain technology, a sharing of data, which was previously unthinkable, is enabled and trust among the many involved parties ensured. With transparency on the trucks’ schedules, customers can make an order for the empty loads on short notice and haulers can handle more orders with the same resources. Furthermore, there is less unnecessary environment damage which was impacted before by empty runs. In this example, the company achieves digital transformation by implementing innovative technologies like blockchain and smart planning tools to optimize truck load in a network of recycling, transport, and construction companies.

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Expertise Brief
The IT Role in Best-Run Midsize Companies

How to become a best-run, digitally engaged business? International Data Corporation (IDC) conducted a worldwide survey of 1,957 midsize companies (394 respondents from IT roles among them) to identify key factors associated with business success and progress. The results offer astonishing insights as well as recommendations for IT leaders for guiding the journey of digital transformation.

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