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Digitalization in Finance: Efficient Data Analysis for Superior Financial Management

Digitization in finance is accelerating processes increasingly, which forces organizations and especially CFOs to change their ways: The risks of every business decision must be assessed carefully – but, above all, more quickly. To do so, CFOs need digital tools to gain insights helping them respond to any situation in a proactive and agile way.

SAP business analytics solutions integrated into your SAP S/4HANA system provide you with real-time data insights as an ideal foundation for strategic financial management. With SAP’s finance solutions, the outcome of business decisions becomes more predictable and secure – even in turbulent times. This way, you can realize your department’s full potential: time pressure, minimize financial risk, and achieve data transparency throughout all departments and processes!

What is Possible with Digital Financial Management?

SAP finance solutions help you realize the full potential of a centralized, cloud-based finance platform to create greater value for your business.

Create accurate financial reports and forecasts

Provide management with timely and meaningful data analysis and key figures to ensure strategic decision making.

Manage governance, risk and compliance reliably

Increase transparency to evaluate business risks in greater detail – to ensure full compliance with standards and regulations.

Accelerate financial planning and consolidation

Consolidate financial data in one place to keep track of your budget and make better business decisions.

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Transform Your Financial Management with a Trusted SAP Partner

With NTT DATA Business Solutions at your side, transforming your financial management doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re just starting to digitize your customer files or would like to leverage innovative technologies like AI or data analytics for your financial forecasting: Our well-proven implementation methodology allows you to transform your financial management efficiently.

Numerous global customers are already benefiting from our long-term experience regarding SAP finance expertise. Our teams have first-hand knowledge of working in strategic financial management in different industries and countries. Consequently, they deeply understand the needs and processes related to the work of financial managers, CFOs, and commercial directors – and it transpires to our work.

We’ll be happy to help you make the most of your financial means!

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Successful Integration of SAP S/4HANA Finance

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Without increasing the number of employees, we have boosted sales by 20% thanks to an agile, productive system and high process reliability across the entire value chain.

Dr. Kai Scholl, CFO at EUCHNER GmbH + Co. KG, after the integration of SAP S/4HANA Finance

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The Future of Finance 2021+

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Expert Paper
Latest Technology to Create Value Across the Enterprise

Good, actionable data is key – but on its own, it just isn’t enough. It needs to be accessible to be deployed effectively across the organization. To make valuable insights available for effective exploitation, businesses need to make the best use of important technologies like cloud computing. Since cloud-based finance applications are crucial for future business success, our expert shares all relevant considerations in this comprehensive paper.

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Top Trend in Strategic Financial Management: xP&A

As strategic financial management experts, we also observe the industry meticulously in order to identify trends as quickly as possible and advise our clients accordingly. According to Gartner the trend that is moving finance the most at the moment is extended planning and analytics (xP&A).

What is xP&A?

Coined by Gartner in 2020, the term xP&A describes the extension of the best financial planning and analytics (FP&A) concepts to areas of the business other than finance, including supply chain management, marketing, human resources, sales and information technology. The goal is to break up silos and instead enable synchronized collaboration across the entire enterprise. 

How will xP&A change finance?

Gartner predicts that by 2024, 70 % of new FP&A projects will then be xP&A projects instead – extending in scope as well as business areas involved. For this expansion of FP&A capabilities to work in the future, the relevant processes must already be established and well-run today. This emphasizes the great importance and influence of the finance department for business success of tomorrow. 

What are the benefits of xP&A?

Extended planning and analysis offer organizations 5 key benefits: 

  1. Visibility across the entire business – in real time: Breaking up silos helps enterprises create a single view of plans and performance. In addition to other reporting and analysis tools, this view will enable CEOs to understand the impact of decisions on the entire organization or each department individually. 
  2. Consistent information for decision-making: When important data is scattered in several places within the IT infrastructure of a company, chances are that decision-making is difficult due to conflicting versions of the truth. A single source of truth enables planners to work with consistent information. 
  3. Synchronized business: By sharing platform and methodology, xP&A encourages collaboration by emphasizing the impact one department’s work has on another. Whether it’s strategic, financial, or operational plans – through synchronization, the whole enterprise is in line and works toward a common goal.
  4. Increased agility: With xP&A, business leaders are fully equipped to identify new opportunities, navigate risks and maximize efficiency on the fly – because their data-based insights let them understand what’s happening in their business and the world around it within seconds.
  5. Automated planning: xP&A makes it easy to continuously update business plans based on current events and unsteady conditions. When a modification has to be made to one plan, all associated plans are automatically updated. This minimizes errors due to manual transmission of data and keeps insights up to date, even in turbulent times. 

Gartner’s Prediction on xP&A

By 2024, 70% of new FP&A projects will become extended planning and analysis (xP&A) projects, extending their scope beyond finance into other areas of the business.

Gartner, Innovation Insight for extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A)

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