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All aspects of business are being revolutionized for a new era: Spend Management – as it becomes Intelligent Spend Management – is no different. Stakeholders in the supply chain, procurement, finance, and accounts payable have faced intense competitive pressure to reduce costs and gain more process control.

To meet growing demand, business leaders need an end-to-end platform that helps them get a comprehensive overview on spend categories, while delivering best-in-class capabilities for those who rely on them. Numerous enterprise software providers claim to offer such a solution, but few span the entire source-to-settle process and fewer still have added intelligence – until now.

Are You Familiar with These Spend Management Challenges?

Obtaining a complete overview

It is increasingly important for you to gain a comprehensive view of your spending decisions. This doesn’t only apply to direct material procurement for your manufacturing process.

Beyond traditional financial measures

Although managing your financial objectives is key for good business, you have to look after your operational objectives, too.

Reacting to sustainability issues

More than ever, there is a great movement to go green and achieve greater sustainability. This movement also has a major impact on your Spend Management.

Building up a reliable supplier network

In many industries, automated procurement has long been standard. But often there is no central overview of all supplier relationships. How extensive and reliable is your supplier network?

Supporting social causes

Maintaining a strong and trusted reputation in the market is difficult if your suppliers engage in substandard or immoral working practices. Do you really know who you are dealing with?

Getting goods to end customers

Black swan events and negatively disrupted supply chains make this normally routine objective a challenge. Supply chain resiliency has become more important than ever before.

Expertise Brief
15 Effective Procurement Methods and Best Practices

Modernize your procurement strategy and learn more about the new type of relationship model with contractors: partnerships. Closely cooperating with partners from the very start of product or service creation reduces costs and improves quality.

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Take Back Control for Holistic Spend Management

Intelligent Spend Management is about bringing partner networks and ecosystems together to capture every source of spend, across each category, for one unified view – freeing businesses to focus on more important challenges.

Source: White Paper - SAP Intelligent Spend Management, SAP SE, 2019

Intelligent Spend Management from End to End

Spend Management at a Glance

Employ a Nimble Data Management Approach

Spending generates all kinds of data. To manage spend, business systems need to interact with data coming from business processes, social sources, suppliers, and more. This requires a new approach, not the 1990s-era model that moves data from one place to the next.

Embed End-to-End Intelligence

Disconnected, siloed solutions with embedded intelligence can learn only from the parts of the process they manage. These intelligent technologies need exposure to a holistic view of spend-related data.

Connect Your Entire Business

The process of managing spend touches many other parts of a business. It’s essential that the processes and systems managing everything from supply chain and manufacturing to finances and CRM are integrated.

Capture Data from Beyond the Four Walls of Your Business

The data needed to manage spend doesn’t come exclusively from within the business. It also comes directly from suppliers and other sources or systems. Procurement needs a way to connect with third-party sources and store and analyze collected data easily and automatically.

Add Extensions and Enhancements Easily

To address unique regulatory requirements and other specifics, procurement must be able to easily tailor and enhance its spend management solution with APIs and extensions. For example, they can tap into specific third-party solutions or add their own functionality.

How Do Our Spend Management Solutions Support You?

For many companies, making simple orders and tracking deliveries are still time-consuming and long-winded processes. Additionally, the IT used to make purchases is often separate from the main ERP. This only ever leads to tedious order searching and scattered, incomplete documentation.

Our Spend Management solutions help procurers and other relevant stakeholders to get a holistic overview on spending and drive organizational value. Error-prone processes related to ordering, tracking, and invoicing become a thing of the past, cross-functional teams collaborate more effectively, and control and compliance become the order of the day.

That’s what Intelligent Spend Management is all about: the development of procurement into a strategic function with proper IT support. Our solutions for Spend Management support all core processes – from the physical procurement of goods or services to contracting and invoicing.

4 Solutions for an Effective Spend Management

Why We Are Uniquely Positioned as Your Perfect Partner

As a trusted SAP partner, we have over 30 years of experience with innovative SAP solutions, such as SAP Intelligent Spend Management, SAP S/4HANA, and other sourcing technologies.

We understand your market, your industry, and your technology. Our local proximity and global capabilities, combined with our employees’ values, allow us to be always close to you. On this basis, we develop individual solutions for you and transform your requirements into long-lasting, intelligent business solutions. This is how we build trusting partnerships and create added value for you.

Awarded Excellence in Spend Management

Spend management Pinnacle Award 2020

In 2020, we have won the SAP Pinnacle Award as Intelligent Spend Management Partner of the Year for outstanding contributions as SAP Partner. SAP presents these awards annually to the top partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and helping customers run better.

The 2020 SAP Pinnacle Award marks the next step in award collection for us. For the last 17 years, we have been recognized as a Partner of the Year 14 times. Pinnacle Awards acknowledge dedication to teamwork, innovative approach and capacity to challenge what is possible to help customers achieve their goals.

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Reduction in the costs to process an invoice

Days invoice-to-payment cycle times

Reduction in time to process an invoice

NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

Whether in Europe or Asia, purchasing conditions and processes can differ significantly. That’s why we support our customers with local experts – wherever they are in the world – and consider all country-specific characteristics.

Jan Ammann, Global Head of Industry & LoB Services, Global Field Consulting, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

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