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Simple and Intelligent Transformation of All Types of Business Processes

Making Digital Real

Transformation Lab is NTT DATA Business Solutions’ innovative and experimental workshop. This is where we help businesses, regardless of their size and complexity, to automate and simplify business processes using new and exponential technologies.

We make it easy, we make it practical, and we make it manageable for businesses – no matter what their level of digital maturity is. We review your company’s core processes, we ensure good governance and we build solutions that optimize your processes. And we do it in a way that allows you to scale and integrate with other technologies and platforms at any time. In short, we make digital real.

Some of Our Cases

Transformation Lab
Watch on Transformation Lab
it.human Introduction
Watch on it.human Introduction

Start Where the Need Is Greatest

Although the vision is full digitalization, this is best achieved gradually. That is why we start automating individual processes in the part of the business that has the greatest impact. Once the company’s first digitalization efforts result in financial benefits, these can be reinvested in the next phase.

Move Quickly From Idea to Implementation

By collaborating closely with Transformation Lab, you will discover that:

  • Your business moves quickly from idea to implementation. Development cycles are short. Results are concrete
  • Your business gets its core processes in place. Without optimal core processes, technologies do not create miracles
  • Even the most analogue processes can be digitalized to create value for the business
  • Your business becomes innovative through learning and experience
  • Your business becomes agile, change-ready and competitive


Expert Paper
How to Implement a Machine Learning Tool

A strategic guide to implementing machine learning

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Solution Brief
Why Digital Humans?

Next Generation Customer Experience

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The Three Process Steps

  • The intelligent enterprise: Automation and optimization of the enterprise processes and improving decision-making
  • The digital value chain: Digitalizing materials and tools to improve effectiveness and transparency across the supply chain
  • Smart products and services: Development of intelligent products and services that increase customer productivity and improve competitiveness

Examples of Digital Transformation

Transformation Lab works with all exponential technologies. We experiment, we demonstrate process and resource allocation gains on the digital transformation journey, and we integrate as many technologies as possible with each other to optimize the results for our customers. Check out some digital solutions that transform and optimize business processes here:

Customer Service/HR: roboME - a personal assistant

An innovative solution in which a robot is trained to answer standard questions from employees and customers, as well as solving repetitive tasks. roboME handles both text and speech, and also utilizes emotional intelligence to analyze tone of voice etc. The innovative roboME has been featured in the media and at conferences around the world. See more here.

Customer Service: Robot assistant helps customers in the store

Just like digital chatbots help customers in webshops, a physical robot can help customers in brick and mortar shops. The shop robot is equipped with a monitor and can answer customer questions and indicate where the customers can find the goods they are looking for.

Customer Relations: Which customer will leave us?

Which customers are about to leave us and what are the consequences? Are they strategically important customers that we want to keep? The intelligent company is able to zoom in on each customer’s buying behaviour and analyze which customers need extra attention right now.

Sales: Market knowledge in chatbot format

it.marketbot is an innovative solution that collects the company’s own sales and market data and analyzes it along with market data from the internet. Images and graphics are automatically translated into words and the bot answers both internal and external questions about the company.

Sales/Marketing: Image analysis registers used office furniture and sets sales prices

When used office furniture is resold online, the dealers must normally take pictures of each chair, identify the designer, describe the chair’s functionality, detail scratches and other damages, and set the price. New technologies manage all these processes automatically. Image analysis and artificial intelligence are trained to recognize the different chair designs, evaluate the chair’s condition, find the right price and upload it all automatically to the dealer’s webshop.

Public Sector/Environment: Combatting the invasive giant hogweed

Environmental monitoring powered by drones, image analysis and robot software provides municipalities with a precise picture of where giant hogweed is growing, also in hard-to-reach areas. The entire process is automated so the only thing the staff needs to do is go to the identified locations and remove the weeds.

Maintenance/Service: Intelligent maintenance and supervision

When do the wind turbines, bridges and drilling platforms need to be maintained? Where are the signs of rust, cracks or damages that need to be repared? With drones, image technology and analysis, it is now possible to monitor machines and installations and identify patterns that enable staff to handle possible problems before they impact operations.

Production: The digital construction site

Where is that diamond grinder when you need it? And how do you keep an eye on the tools and the machines that easily disappear on messy construction sites? Make the products smarter with sensors and IoT to keep track on everything on the construction site.

Digital Humans - the Next Generation Customer Experience

The way people communicate with technology is about to transform. Digital Humans are a new way of letting your customers experience personalized top quality service without increasing costs, by combining the ease of natural human interactions with complete up-to-date knowledge.

Digital humans combine machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing and conversational AI to create an emotional connection. As emotions are a key factor in customer service and driving purchase behavior, it is no surprise that digital humans outperform the traditional self-service portals and chatbots in this task.

NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed it.human platform, where customers can create their own Digital Humans to suit their needs. In need for a digital receptionist? A digital sales clerk? A digital tour guide?

Read more about our it.human platform in our AddStore
What Is RPA?

Learn bout Robotic Process Automation

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Our Core Team

Thomas Nørmark

Title: Director, Global Head of AI and Robotics

AKA: The Robot Whisperer and Father of RoboMe

Loves: Artificial Intelligence, innovation and robot development

Meet him because: He is one of Denmark’s most creative and innovative scientists in the field of digitalization and is happy to communicate with anyone at any level in any company

Charlotte Lindegaard Petersen

Title: Lead Consultant, Social Robotics and Conversational AI

AKA: The Fixer, The Mother of Robots

Loves: Robots (both physical and cloud based), user-driven innovation and post-its

Meet her because: She can build a software robot in the time it takes your coffee to get cold, she cuts straight through the hype blur and focuses on the real value of technologies

Prayson Wilfred Daniel

Title: Expert, Innovation & Technology

AKA: AI and Machine Learning Chef

Loves: Innovating intelligent micro-services in Python, Scala and JavaScript

Meet him because: He is passionate about designing, building and deploying innovative business-driven solutions to help you stay at the front-seat of the AI and Machine Learning revolution.

Thorsten Søbirk

Title: Principal Innovation Architect

AKA: The Technology Agnostic

Loves: Technology challenges, innovative solutions and playing jazz

Meet him because: He will help you design and build solutions using the best available tools or by building a better tool

Shahnoza Bekbulaeva

Title: Data Scientist

AKA: Machine Learning Wizard

Loves: Ethical innovations, novel machine learning approaches and winning at board games

Meet her because: She can brew up algorithms with a pinch of math, an ounce of Python and piles of data to power your business applications

Our Tech Team

Daniel Broe

Title: Blockchain Lead and Expert in Enterprise Planning Management

AKA: The next Satoshi Nakamoto

Loves: Everything blockchain, robotics and disruptive innovation

Meet him because: He is a creative developer and blockchain architect, who can help guide any customer towards uncovering and decreasing technical obstacles, business value and new strategies

Kim Hylle Kjelgaard

Title: Senior Expert

AKA: Innovation hacker and coding ninja

Loves: Augmented reality, robots and beers

Meet him because: He connects the dots and makes things happen

Rasmus Ørtoft

Title: Head of UX & Design, Innovation & Technology

AKA: Design wiz

Loves: Simplicity! Simple is ALWAYS better..

Meet him because: You can ask him to create user-friendly designs for anything – from paper-sketched mockups to high fidelity prototypes

Rasmus Ørtoft

Sanne Ahm Nørgaard

Titel: Senior Graphic Designer

AKA: Design Junkie

Loves: To study and understand hottest graphic design trends

Meet her because: She will help you with beautiful design. She will make the magic happen.

Steven Gøhler

Title: Junior Professional, Innovation & Technology

AKA: The builder of robots

Loves: P Development, optimization and technology

Meet him because: He might be able to free up 40% of your working hours

Thomas Kierkgaard

Title: Director, Innovation & Technology

AKA: Mr. Last Mile

Loves: Taking ideas from napkin to a scalable real life solution and the phrase “Team work makes the dream work”

Meet him because: You have a crazy thought and need a plan on how to make it happen, including what food will be appropriate for the Go-Live celebration.

Thomas Kirkegaard

Thor Hauberg

Title: Director, Digital Business Transformation

AKA: Clark Kent, Mr. IoT

Loves: Exponential technologies, valuation of companies, programming in Excel

Meet him because: He never initiates anything without a valid business case, and to get the true story of how digitalization will change your job sooner or later

Torben Seebach

Title: Director, Business Analytics

AKA: The Transformer in Chief

Loves: The Digital Frontier and Digital Incubation

Meet him because: What most companies consider innovative, he considers ordinary. If you really want to challenge what is normal and transform the way you interact with technology, we recommend you meet

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