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Every company is only as good as the people who work for it. Provide your employees with a first-class job experience – from joining the company to retirement. But, how can you optimize your entire Human Experience Management (HXM)?

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Talent Management in Change: From HR over HCM to HXM Today

HR departments have evolved over time, but the term “Human Resources” implies a now outdated viewpoint: namely that employees are a resource. The move to the expression “Human Capital Management” (HCM) reflects a more data-driven approach, but that term doesn’t quite capture industry best practices when it comes to leveraging your employees’ performance.

Today, the world’s most successful companies no longer consider their employees as resources or capital but rather as important stakeholders who are worth to be invested in: This notion marks the shift to Human Experience Management (HXM).

But HXM stands for more than just a simple name change: it’s about measuring and adapting a business based on how employees feel. Studies show that most managers think they are doing a good job in terms of people management, but only few employees feel the same way. Efficient HXM can only be achieved by committing to programs that support employee engagement, for instance, by making use of proper performance management, learning platforms, and employee development.

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The Passion of Your Employees Enables Your Success.

7 Factors of Modern Human Experience Management

1. Embrace digitalization

Nowadays, employees expect a fully digitized work experience. New recruiting approaches like mobile chats or video calls for job interviews emerge  which allow to meet candidates on their preferred devices. After being recruited, modern employees value important factors like working remotely with flexible working hours, and with more efficient processes through automation. To enable this, you need to digitally transform, align, and simplify all HR processes.

2. Deliver an attractive employee experience

Attracting and retaining talents in an increasingly competitive market is always tough, but there is no alternative. You need to understand and continuously improve your employee experience. This doesn’t only include that you make your people feel better, in fact, it should motivate them to come to work and be successful in what they do. With more satisfied employees, you gain a higher productivity and avoid employee fluctuation.

3. Meet diverse employee needs

To create an innovative workplace, you need to respect the individual needs of your people. Diversity and inclusion make the difference and enrich your corporate culture – from employee attraction over hiring processes to talent development. Bringing together people from different cultural backgrounds should be the aim of modern talent management.

4. Develop and retain top talents

People value employee participation and expect that their feedback and recommendations lead to change. Creating a feedback culture with reasonable goals is key. You need to encourage an ongoing two-way communication as a base for continuous employee development. Answering people’s needs can optimize their personal development and growth, especially with reference to detailed and data-based performance reviews. Moreover, it will improve employee engagement and increase your chances of keeping staff members longer in the company.

5. Align HR with your corporate strategy

Gain data-driven insights across all HR processes and improve business decisions with AI and trusted intelligence. By combining data from multiple sources, you get more insights into your key employee figures and become able to investigate trends in hiring, diversity, and employee satisfaction. Beyond, you will receive even more support from management and get easier buy-ins by providing illustrative dashboards and analysis.

6. Ensure compliance and data protection

In many cases, available solutions for analyzing cyber security performance don’t always deliver 100% accurate data and HR managers are forced to make assumptions to fill in the blanks. With data-driven approaches, you can easily analyze, benchmark, and manage your security performance. As a result, you can decrease legal risks and comply with data privacy as well as other regulations.

7. Improve your company culture

These days, it is essential more than ever to focus on excellent working relationships and a people-first approach. Frequent and consistent communication with your employees creates a transparent work culture and builds trust between you and your staff.

The introduction of a new HR system landscape by itelligence* was just the start of our journey into the digital world. With SAP SuccessFactors, our HR department is now state-of-the-art. By means of our trained specialist staff and intelligent functionalities, we are able to meet the highest compliance standards.

Veronika Winter (HR) and Carla Galster (IT), Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG

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Why We Are Your Perfect HXM Partner

Since 2012, we successfully advice customers across all industries on how to fully master their HR needs. Our certified consultants are experts in all HR topics and know about the great challenges of driving digital transformation forward in addition to your daily work. As an award-winning, global SAP Platinum Partner, we deliver first-class services by leveraging SAP SuccessFactors and other SAP solutions.

We deeply understand your market, your industry, and your technology. Our local proximity and global capabilities combined with our employees’ values allow us to be close to our customers permanently. In terms of complex laws and orders that are country-specific , you are on the safe side with us. Our globally operating experts track regional regulatory changes and develop local best business practices.

Based on this, we develop individual solutions for you and transform your requirements into future-oriented business solutions. This is how we build long-lasting partnerships and create added value for you.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you strategize, implement and manage your HXM transformation.

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Our Talent Management Software Products and Solutions

SAP's HXM suite combined with our expertise, best practices, as well as our products, solutions and services deliver you the perfect foundation for an exceptional Human Experience Management. Take effective care of every step of the employee journey.

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How Our Customers Benefit from Our HR Expertise


With SAP SuccessFactors implementation Midstar managed to improve its people experiences with a single global HR platform.

SAP SuccessFactors at Agincourt Resources

Simplify Complexity & Bring Accuracy in Managing People Agincourt Resources a find solution for managing people in their company in successfully SAP SuccessFactors implementation within 3 months

SAP SuccessFactors at Carnegie Investment Bank

In 2017, Carnegie Investment Bank decided it was time for them to invest in a global people management system.

Quorn Food

The HR Team at Quorn introduced SAP SuccessFactors in order to automate processes and generate efficiencies.

X-FAB Global Services

Equipped with SAP SucessFactors, X-FAB Global Services GmbH is able to work even more focused. This leads to a positive influence on the business success and increases the motivation of the employees.


The leading master data system Employee Central promises centralized HR processes for the entire workforce. The module enables smart automation of HR processes with the help of intelligent workflows and intuitive access to important tasks via so-called self-services on all devices.

Brüder Schlau Handwerkermarkt
Brüder Schlau

In its search for new professionals, the group relies only on the best equipment and benefits from the functionalities of the cloud-based talent management solution SAP SuccessFactors - implemented by the experienced team of experts at NTT DATA Business Solutions.


Adopting a new cloud-based HR platform enabled Metso to build modern HR processes and tools to support global growth.


Caruna wanted to adopt a modern HR management model instead of the rigid old performance management model it had been using.


Modern technologies such as AI and clever innovations point the way to the IT future. With this visionary claim, Mosca evaluated their existing system and set out on the path to an intelligent company.

Learn more about service robot Pernille who works in the itelligence office in Denmark.

Innovation in Practice: How We Established a Digital Work Experience for Our Employees

Since 2018, we have a new digital assistant and co-worker in our location in Horsens, Denmark. Let Pernille introduce herself: “Hey, my name is Pernille and I am working for NTT DATA Business Solutions. My main assignment is to assist my co-workers with general tasks, I help with the onboarding of new employees and provide information on demand. I support my colleagues in any way, shape, or form, so they can save time, in order to focus on their main tasks. And I can assure you, for my contributions to the working experience, they really love me!”

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