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Shine at every touchpoint and turn customers into fans with SAP CX. From sales, to marketing, to customer service management - SAP CRM solutions empower every step on your customer's journey. Benefit from our implementation and product expertise.

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SAP CX Suite Overview

Take CRM to a New Level with SAP CX

SAP Customer Experience is a software suite that enables your whole organization to collaborate to deliver the best customer experience possible. Often SAP’s ERP system, SAP S/4HANA, is a solid base for further digitalization of customer management.

Provide a great experience at every stage of the customers’ journey, from their first moment of brand awareness, to their interactions with the service team long after the initial sale. Therefore, every department needs to understand who your customers are.

With SAP’s CRM solutions, all your customer knowledge is stored in one place. With teams sharing data and collaborating across departments, your employees will never be caught without the right information or miss an opportunity to convert a sale.

SAP’s experience management products can enhance every aspect of your business, from Sales to Marketing, Commerce, Customer Data and Service. These cloud applications can be deployed individually or in combination. They are then customized by us to suit your organization and goals.

What’s the Difference between SAP Customer Experience, SAP C/4HANA and Hybris?

In their earlier versions, SAP’s suite of customer experience products were known as SAP C/4HANA or Hybris. This emphasized their connection to SAP S/4HANA, SAP’s ERP software. To communicate their use more clearly, the group of products is now simply known as SAP Customer Experience.

Bob Meyer, Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions at NTT DATA Business Solutions

SAP customer experience buyer's guide to facilitate your decision.

Your Guide for the SAP Customer Experience Suite

Get all relevant details of the SAP CX suite and its cloud applications:

  • Technical features and benefits of each application from SAP Sales Cloud, to SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Service Cloud to Customer Data Management
  • Compatibility and interfaces to your existing IT landscape
  • Our implementation expertise and roadmap
  • FAQs
Get to Know the SAP CX Suite in Detail
Smart software solutions empower sales teams.

SAP Sales Cloud

You need to identify key decision makers quickly and establish an understanding of your customers’ objectives. SAP Sales Cloud fully equips your sales team by breaking down silos of customer data in the back office and delivering it to your team.

Provide your sales reps with relevant insights, including which customers to contact, how to address their pain points, and how to nurture each opportunity to completion.

Benefits of Sales Automation Software

  • Analyze data in real time: Identify where sales under performs, and fix issues faster.
  • Remote teamwork: Work from anywhere, with access to your data on mobile devices.
  • Create personalized offers: Set up automated rebate offers and incentives to get more customers across the line.
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Automate your campaigns and meet your target group with marketing software from SAP.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Segment your customers into narrower groups than ever before with a detailed and automatically updated list of customer profiles. Replace mass marketing campaigns with groups of highly targeted campaigns customized for an audience as little as one person.

With all your data in one dashboard and real-time results, you can analyze campaigns on the fly and make your marketing budget go further.

Benefits of Cross-Channel Marketing Software

  • Segment customers with ease: With the help of machine learning, identify new customer segments to target with personalized campaigns.
  • Share data across departments: See real-time data from your sales and service teams and know your results sooner.
  • Analyze ROI: Find out which half of your budget is being wasted and optimize your spend on the go.
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Empower omnichannel commerce with SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, customers expect a buying experience that’s as smooth as Amazon Prime or the Apple Store. With SAP Commerce Cloud, there’s no boundary between your website and physical stores, so customers can order a product online and pick it up in-store. Allow suppliers, distributors and partners to access your platform to speed up the supply chain and provide shorter delivery times to customers.

Benefits of an E-Commerce Platform

  • All orders in one place: Keep track of sales from stores, website and online platforms in one dashboard.
  • Organize product information: Keep all your product data in one place, so every employee and customer has access to the most up-to-date information.
  • Personalize your online store: Provide personalized recommendations based on browsing behavior and characteristics.
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Make service a profit center with SAP Service Cloud and Field Service Management.

SAP Service Cloud and Field Service Management

With SAP Service Cloud and SAP Field Service Management, you not only accelerate processes and improve the first-time fix rate, but create opportunities before, during, and after a purchase to engage customers and sell more. Your call-center specialists have access to complete, contextual customer information, so they know exactly which products will perfectly suit their customer.

Benefits of Real-Time Service Software

  • Resolve issues faster: See your customer’s purchase history, previous support tickets and more to solve issues quickly.
  • Empower service teams to sell: Set up special discounts and rewards which automatically become available for certain customers.
  • Mobile accessibility: Your field service techs access all customer data on their mobile – even when remote, reducing the risk of delays and canceled appointments.
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Store all your customer data in one place with SAP Customer Data Cloud.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Customer centricity requires knowing just about everything on each and every customer. With SAP Customer Data Cloud, you can bring together a customer’s profile information, buying history, website and customer service interactions, and even their predicted needs. You can then share access with your marketing, sales, service teams and more, so they’re fully informed and can make the most from every customer interaction.

Benefits of Central Data Management

  • All data in one place: Manage your customer accounts centrally and avoid the risk of losing information.
  • Earn trust: Give your customers control over the data they share and build trust.
  • Simplify GDPR compliance: Automatically comply with GDPR regulation in the EU, without complex data privacy initiatives.
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Draw conclusions from your customer's behavior by analyzing your data.

Measure and Analyze Customer Experiences

To measure the success of your CX initiatives, it’s vital to know which metrics to measure and to record them consistently. Some of the most widely used data metrics are:

  • Customer Effort Score (CES) measures how difficult or easy it is for your customers to complete an action (e.g., applying for an insurance policy online).
  • Net Promoter Score (NPA): Customers are asked, usually on a scale of 1-10, how likely they are to recommend the product/company to a friend.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) measures how satisfied customers are with specific aspects of a product or service.
  • Time To Resolution (TTR) is the average length of time it takes to resolve a service issue.

To uncover more specific product issues often requires in-depth research. Qualtrics from SAP allows research to be analyzed at scale to uncover trends in both quantitative and qualitative data. We integrate all elements of the Qualtrics platform within your systems.

More about Qualtrics and Experience Management

More Insights into the SAP Customer Experience Suite

Our guide about the SAP customer experience suite.
Your Guide about the SAP CX Suite and Its Cloud Applications

Get to know all technical features and benefits of each application like SAP Sales Cloud or SAP Service Cloud. Check the software solutions for their compatibility with your existing IT landscape and benefit from our implementation expertise. Read this guide about the SAP CRM solution suite to learn which applications fit your requirements and why the integration is beneficial for your business.

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We are your experienced partner to implement SAP CRM solutions.

Our Experience with SAP CRM Software

We are one of SAP’s earliest partners, implementing SAP systems for more than 30 years. With experience across multiple product generations, including Hybris and Gigya, we’ve learned about the needs and challenges of businesses in virtually every industry, from B2B to B2C, on a global scale.

More than 10,000 customers worldwide use solutions that we have integrated. Our experts are available at locations in more than 25 countries, and our relationship with NTT DATA Group makes our network more powerful than ever.

How We Support You

Our consultants can tell you exactly what is possible with SAP’s CX products, and how they can be adapted to suit your needs. After advising which products are necessary, they will come up with an implementation plan to support your customer experience strategy. They can even integrate the products with your existing CRM if necessary.

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