Introduce an AI-Driven Digital Human to Boost Your Customer Experience

Combining machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing and conversational AI to create an emotional connection

The digital human can be displayed via any device, to improve your digital customer experience

Why Digital Humans?

The digital human is the smart, efficient, and easy service known from traditional digital platforms, as well as the human emotion, compassion and empathy, customers know from the expensive customer service employees.

We use artificial intelligence to combine the smart aspects of a chatbot, with the emotional aspects of a human. This, because research shows that we make both purchases and decisions with our emotions. And since emotions are communicated up to 93% non-verbally by micro expressions, gestures, tone of voice, and body language, it is hard to make an emotional connection without visual interaction.

The solution is placed in the sweet spot between a high value of interaction and a high demand for speed – making it a combination of the best parts of both human and bots.

Digital humans provide a differentiated customer experience, and is just like hiring a new employee, but without the steep price – and with several business benefits

Benefits of a Digital Human Platform

The digital customer experience it enhanced with an it.human on a mobile phone

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Customers will encounter a digital human who is available 24/7 and never gets tired. He/she is always positive and empathetic towards the user, something that can be difficult for a real human in some unfortunate situations if for example being under a lot of stress. The digital human never forgets a face and will keep personalized conversations with everyone. There will be no confusion and consistency in advice and service levels is guaranteed.


Added Business Value

Introducing a digital human can bring value to your business in many different ways. To mention a few, it will enhance your brand value and loyalty being a front-runner within innovation and technology; generate cost savings on automated operations as your employees can focus on more complex and important tasks; improve your omni-channel strategy thanks to the unified customer experience, and much more.


Enjoy the Benefits of Your New Digital Employee

Onboarding a new digital employee only takes around two weeks and the monthly salary will be less than the humans colleagues' salaries. In addition, the digital human is highly skilled at multitasking - as he/she can be in many places at the same time. Having a digital human on the team also enables reinvestment of the colleagues' time, making it possible for them to focus on more complex assignments.

More Useful Insights into the it.human platform

Solution Brief
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Tina Dyhr Dupont

Product Director, AI & Robotics

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