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Learn how the digitalization is changing the SAP Application Management Services!
Watch on Learn how the digitalization is changing the SAP Application Management Services!

One Step Closer to Your Business Transformation

In times where technology and new solutions are arising faster than ever and business requirements are changing, IT has risen from its former supporting role to an active role in driving business transformation. But how do you achieve a closer alignment between your IT and business strategy when you are in over your head in managing the current landscape?

Application Management Services – SAP AMS were created to change this:

As recent studies* show, IT teams and decision makers are being held up by repetitive tasks – ones that keep the boat afloat but don’t move it further up the river. IT decision makers state that they spent too much time on the following operations:

  • 66% Managing IT-Infrastructure
  • 49% Development and Maintenance of Internal IT-Apps
  • 31% Helpdesk Tasks for Colleagues

Application Management Services were built to save time and resources that these routine operations occupy. SAP AMS reduce your operational workload significantly – to give you back the freedom you need to innovate and to transform your business into an intelligent enterprise!

*we asked 400 CEO’s, CIO’s and decision makers about the daily tasks that bog them down the most.

Built for You, with Expertise, for Tomorrow!

Benefit from Our Unique Services

SAP Application Support

Fast and effective support to resolve issues, ensure business continuity and maximize the productivity of your application landscape - Wherever you are. Anytime.

Optimization & Enhancement Services

Management of your enterprise application integration including continous development of your applications. Maximize your security, minimize risks and reduce time and costs in operation and projects.

Value-Added Services

Competent advisory for continous innovation, agile services for your SAP cloud solutions and transformation support for a seamless service experience as well as intelligent automation of repetitive tasks - from ideation to operation.

SAP AMS of NTT DATA Business Solutions Help 3100+ Customers to Succeed

Image DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH

The automation and new functionalities of SAP PP/DS relieve users in their day-to-day business and minimize planning efforts. DE-VAU-GE now benefits from special planning heuristics tailored to the company as well as an upgrade of the graphical detailed planning board.


By using Managed Cloud Services, the company receives rapid IT support from the IT experts who are responsible for managing and monitoring the IT infrastructure. The Application Management Services also enable the company to manage and operate its IT applications efficiently.

The Open University

Developing and Implementing a Fit for Future Collaborative Support Model at the Open University

Gebäude Kampmann Group GmbH
Kampmann Group

The migration to Azure offers Kampmann new opportunities in the area of innovation, such as the connection of IoT devices directly to the SAP system. This enables employees to work more productively and supports further growth.

Image Mynaric AG

As a pioneer in the aerospace industry, Mynaric decided to become a first mover in the SAP world and was one of the first customers to choose SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition (PCE). The introduction was implemented within the framework of SAP Best Practices and could be set live after just...

Room & Board banner
Room & Board

Room & Board saw unprecedented growth and found themselves staring at a not-so-small problem. They needed to do something to improve the performance of their current SAP system and began looking for options to make that happen. Through their discovery process working with NTT DATA Business Solutions, they found that...

Shepherd Material Science Company
The Shepherd Material Science Company

NTT DATA Business Solutions is honored to continue to work with The Shepherd Material Science Company as we continue to work toward new successes.

Vetter Pharma-Fertigung

After successfully implementing SAP SucessFactors in a core hybrid approach, NTT DATA Business Solutions managed to introduce it.people document manager at Vetter in just a few months.

Image BENTELER Automotive
BENTELER Automotive

Read how BENTELER Automotive made with scalable services and jointly planned project coordination their processes ready to go with SAP New GL for the future conversion to SAP S/4HANA.

Brüder Schlau Handwerkermarkt
Brüder Schlau

In its search for new professionals, the group relies only on the best equipment and benefits from the functionalities of the cloud-based talent management solution SAP SuccessFactors - implemented by the experienced team of experts at NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Are You Interested?

What we have illustrated so far, is just a glimpse of how we can help your business by transforming it. The key factor is to develop a strategy that incorporates all the services which are required to fit your needs in an optimal way. And we can be your partner who detects those needs and acts accordingly on a level playing field.

Do you have questions regarding our Application Management Services or on how we can help you? Do you require specific details on one of our services? Do not hesitate to reach out!

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Here are the top three reasons why you should choose us as your SAP AMS partner.

3 Reasons Why We are Your Best Choice for Application Management Services

1. Built for You
We are your one-stop-shop for your journey of transformation into an intelligent enterprise. Our individually tailored service concepts enable seamless Application Management Services in all areas: From operation over maintenance to optimization and innovation. Whether from your local infrastructure or in the public cloud, we cover the whole spectrum of your IT environment.

2. Built with Expertise
No matter which sector or region you are active in, we take care of your solutions. Whether your IT landscape is standardized to a huge degree or completely different throughout your subsidiaries. Our globally available top-notch SAP Expertise is there for you, to fulfil your needs locally.

3. Built for Tomorrow
Our extensive experience in Application Management Services and Cloud Services gives us insights for making your IT landscape ready for tomorrow. Dynamic, together and future-proof. We enable your IT for continous business innovation.

How to make technology work for you with our SAP AMS

Making Technology Work for You with AMS

Using digital technologies is not about technology itself but about making it work for you. NTT DATA Business Solutions combines analytical based insights with our best practices and proactive problem management to make it work for you – with our SAP Application Management Services. The visible outcomes for you are more agile business processes, reduction of TCO or automation of recurring tasks through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – to name just a few. Our passion is liberating your personnel from routinized, time-consuming tasks and providing them with freedom to focus on integration and innovation. Making use of that freedom to the fullest is what we understand as our mission along your journey to an intelligent enterprise.

IT operations, integration and innovation – These areas can determine the first steps we jointly define for your intelligent transformation. We support you in finding the perfect balance and provide much more than just “keeping the lights on”.

Transform your business by using our Application Management Services!

Rising pressure on diverse IT landscapes demands that CIOs operate their IT in a more agile way.

More Efficient IT Operations Are the Foundation for Your Progress

As a CIO, you know that innovation requires freedom: You strive to transform your own role from being a manager of day-to-day IT operations to setting a vision for your company’s technological future. But while you’re on your way to becoming this visionary who transforms a company, these everyday operational tasks don’t just vanish. In fact, with local IT landscapes expanding into private and public clouds, operating these application landscapes has become a challenge. Business processes stretch across on-premises applications, cloud services from the different hyperscalers like AWS, Azure or GCP and SaaS applications like SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass or SAP SuccessFactors. Making sure that this hybrid IT landscape and corresponding business processes works stable, cost-efficient and performs in the most productive way requires broad knowledge across the solutions and seamless end-to-end monitoring.

Staying efficient in the IT operations management and having the freedom to make valuable decisions at the same time is possible with the help of our Application Management Services. We can be your trusted partner who manages your IT infrastructure and who provides you with insights into performance, uptime and security metrics. With our assistance, you can drastically reduce costs while gaining a more reliable and productive IT environment.

How Application Management Services Improve Your IT Operations

Our experienced specialists for Application Management Services ensure that every conflict in your IT landscape is resolved quickly. Whether your system operates with a classic SAP Business Suite or already uses SAP S/4HANA, we provide you with an efficient IT operations management as well as a request fulfillment and change management.

Based on ITIL best practices, we eliminate user-based errors and correct application faults arising from issues such as incorrect master data or configuration settings. And your users receive support for their day-to-day SAP operations. We begin the optimization of your IT environment with a structured knowledge transfer. After that, local and global SAP AMS experts are available 24/7 to answer your inquiries. As a result, you reduce your service costs as well as numerous software problems and risks. Furthermore, you receive an individual first-class support from personal points of contact. Feel free to trust us with your transformation!

As the CIO, you are a trusted advisor – building bridges between user’s needs and their technology.

Application Integration Lifts Your Entire Business to the Next Level

In the age of digitalization, you already know that application integration means much more than just making sure that your local system, applications and diverse range of cloud-platforms are perfectly connected. In fact, integration is about creating an alignment between the strategic mindset of your company, the employees that work for you and the most suitable technologies and applications that you integrate into your business. Achieving this alignment is a first step toward transforming your business into an intelligent enterprise. But executing this initial step is a big challenge where you have to find answers for many questions: What kind of talent do you need to grow your business in the age of digitalization? How do you ensure that your employees have constant access to the most efficient solutions? How do you complement your internal staff with external partners in the most effective way? Can you adapt your IT environment quickly when new technologies or market opportunities emerge?

A lot of questions to keep in mind. But there’s good news: Application Management Services delivered by an experienced partner can be the single solution that you need to answer all these questions. Feel free to speak to us!

Establish the IT department as the enabler for business innovation.

Innovation is the Key Factor for Growth and Success

In times of digitalization, companies need to constantly deal with new technologies, products and services as well as rising expectations and shorter reaction times. Not to mention new disruptive competition. CIO’s need to maintain an application and system landscape that enables digital initiatives, drives analytics and insights, and operates at an optimized level. Outdated technologies, legacy systems and processes grown historically over many years can be a barrier to achieving expected results from digital technology initiatives.

Driven by the challenge to safeguard the landscape and reduce operation costs while also bringing business innovation forward, the requirement for a strategic partnership with a trusted partner arises. One who understands your business, current state-of-the-art application landscape but also can deliver business value from new technologies.

Constantly turning innovative solutions into productive results can be even more challenging and is solely accessible when your current IT landscape offers the right conditions and insertion points. You can only achieve this, if you don’t have to supervise several external partners and always keep a huge number of contracts and SLAs under control.

Our Application Management Services were built to assist you with this challenge: You gain a competent SAP AMS partner, efficiency and freedom as well as a new driver for continuous optimization and innovation, which is essential for converting new ideas into successful solutions.

How Application Management Services Give You the Freedom to Innovate

Thanks to technologies such as the SAP Business Technology Platform, you can create custom innovations as quickly as users and markets demand them. But are your system landscape and software development processes prepared for this challenge? What are the technologies, frameworks and tools you need in order to expand on your hybrid IT environment?

We analyze your current IT infrastructure and give you clear recommendations on how to optimize your IT environment.To further foster innovation within your company, we integrate Idea and Innovation Management in our day-to-day operations and also facilitate collaboration on basis of focused innovation workshops. Our accelerating Innovation Consulting supports in identifying the right tools and methods. The result is an optimized cloud development strategy that lets you react faster to new market demands and employee requirements. The result is a cost-effective innovation process for your company.

DevOps play a major part in this, since traditional development methods aren’t suited for digital business. We offer workshops on how to bring development and operations teams together. We define scope and strategy for your project and help you execute it. Feel free to innovate!

IT is the Foundation for Your Business Innovation

In an increasingly interconnected world with complex interdependencies, your IT performance is critical to success. Your IT has not only to be stable and secure but also agile to deliver business advantages.

Christian Fischer, Customer Engagement Managed Services, NTT DATA Business Solutions

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