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Specialist technology & digital innovation are helping pharma rise to new challenges

Like all progressive industries, insurance and banking organisations want to increase the competitive advantage by gaining key insight across their operations. As the world becomes more volatile, uncertain and complex, insurance and banking organisations are forced to rethink their digital transformation strategy.

Increasing demands from clients, among other things, are further compounding challenges and forcing the adoption of new technologies. What’s more, regulatory compliance and clients’ expectations of consumer-grade experience within applications, such as self-service analytics, are forcing the industry to innovate further.

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Challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

Struggling to keep up in an increasingly complex environment?

Operating in a complex regulatory environment with shortened patent protection and the ever-increasing pressure on product safety, cost, price and margins, is challenging.

Despite being tech-savvy, the options to build and expand digital capabilities within the industry ecosystem are limited by current IT systems.

Many businesses within the pharmaceutical industry are struggling with:

  • Meeting increasingly strict compliance regulations;
  • Complex and hard-to-monitor supply chains that causes problems in formula and batch management;
  • Unconnected, time-consuming production control processes;
  • Lack of transparency necessary to ensure comprehensive quality management.

Thrive in a complex regulatory environment

In order to overcome the growing industry challenges, you need fast results from trusted problem solvers and solution providers who can help you to stay abreast with the current trends.

You likely also care about how to best use technology to achieve your desired outcomes, and therefore require solutions that will enable you to drive effective digitisation and deliver more efficient and compliant processes. This will further allow you to answer the call for more transparency and agility in addressing customer needs.

How do you achieve successful business agility in the pharmaceuticals industry?



Stringent safety, environmental and document regulations call for integrated quality management, transparent formula management, and complete traceability of all goods throughout their life-cycle. To achieve these requirements without escalating costs is only possible with a solid integrated IT infrastructure and the right knowledge.


Process Industry Opportunities

For ongoing success, you need to create efficiencies in product development and production. Machine-to-machine communication and process digitisation ensure businesses can better compete in the market. We can help you to define your digital strategy and implement practical IoT scenarios.


Lower IT Validation Costs

Adopting standard processes when implementing industry-specific regulations at an IT level can be expensive. Validation is one of the fundamentals for patient protection. NTT DATA Business Solutions is highly experienced in Computer System Validation. By focusing on the real risks, you can save significant validation costs.

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