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Remote projects are cheaper, faster, and more flexible! Discover NTT DATA Remote Consulting!

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What is Remote Consultancy?

Remote Consulting, as its name makes clear, works only in remote projects, which, by their nature, do not require the allocation of consultants and result in projects with reduced cost, shorter implementation time and greater flexibility, with the same quality, already recognized and awarded that NTT DATA has in on-site projects.

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Who is Remote Consultancy for?

The Remote Consulting projects are aimed at companies that already understand this operating model and recognize that there are no drops in productivity or quality of deliveries, indicators that tend to grow in this modality, and that also seek projects with reduced costs and shorter implementation timeframes, so your company can count on solutions faster while having a 15% to 20% reduction in total project cost compared to the traditional model.

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Have you thought about managing your company's projects remotely?

Have you thought that by running your company’s projects remotely, there can be a cost reduction of 15% to 20% and many other benefits?

NTT DATA Business Solutions has! Backed by a proven and awarded expertise in on-site operations and allocation of consultants, two years ago NTT DATA Business Solutions decided to invest in a robust technological infrastructure and the training of its professionals to allow that all this experience be also employed in a remote operation of our customers’ projects, thus giving rise to NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Dev Center (development center)!

  • Fast Implementation
  • Guaranteed Flexibility
  • Optimizations and upgrades
  • Customized Support
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Dev Center NTT DATA Business Solutions

The Dev Center has trained and certified professionals and uses internationally recognized methodologies to ensure that your project will follow the best practices in the market.

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ remote model provides your company with tranquility and quality in the transition from on-site to virtual, without fear of falling productivity or quality of deliveries, indicators that tend to grow in this modality.

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Discover the benefits


With NTT DATA Business Solutions’ remote service, it is possible to reduce project costs from 15% to 20%, if compared with the traditional model.

Logistics costs also decrease, as travel tickets, hotels and all complements are no longer necessary.


With its expertise, know-how and a presence of 20 years in the market, NTT DATA Business Solutions is fully focused on delivery, predicting the hours needed and meeting schedules.

With this in mind, all development parameters are detailed in depth so as to run the implementation with no deviations.


By using internationally-recognized methodologies added by the follow up of experts, any development is customized, which increases the speed of deliveries and promotes more agile support and development of new features.


Since the planning of the implementation, the projects developed are delivered to the customer thoroughly documented, with all the scenarios of tests and facts produced during the project.

Count on NTT DATA Business Solutions Remote Consulting

Have more savings, guaranteed efficiency in execution, standardization in developments and complete documentation.

Remote projects are already a consolidated reality and have the same quality as the traditional model! So, let’s do a successful remote implementation in your company?

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