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Better, faster data leads to superior care management

Use operational big data and analytics to better serve your customer and provide superior care management


Data management is changing in the healthcare industry

Like many industries, organisations within the healthcare sector are rethinking their digital transformation strategy. Changes in data governance and the Personal Data Protection Act are driving a new focus on data accessibility.

Data management platforms are enhancing accessibility capabilities with advanced encryption solutions, ensuring information is secured and only accessed by authorised personnel.

Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Poor data accessibility and integration affects health services

Security and privacy of data is a major concern within the healthcare industry. But on a day-to-day basis, businesses face accessibility issues that affect the treatment and experience of their customers, including:

  • Data integration issues from various healthcare systems;
  • Getting data as and when required or near a real-time basis;
  • Implementing advanced analytics like forecasting and advance analytics data modelling for use in cases like readmission, billing, and chronic disease management.

Better, faster data leads to superior care management

In healthcare, capturing and receiving the right data can be a case of life and death. The faster and more accurate that data is, the better you can care for your customers.

Real-time data capture can better provide insights into the changes that are required by healthcare organisations like yours. This will enable you to provide better planning and care management for your customers.

How does NTT DATA support healthcare?

At NTT DATA, we provide consulting services based on our experiences in the healthcare industry. We have implemented systems like Chronic Disease Management, Patient Affordability Simulation and Enterprise Data Warehouse (with dashboards and reports).

We work closely with our healthcare customers to understand their requirements and work within their resources needs.

We then work with our various business partners to provide a total solution for meeting your needs and overcoming your challenges.


Real-time Data Processing
We recommend Qlik Replicate to provide a CDC solution for getting data out of the healthcare system to be processed immediately and provide insights through the healthcare dashboards and reports.
Dashboards and reports
We propose the use of an MPP database like Vertica to provide high-performance querying and processing capabilities to generate the required healthcare dashboards and reports.
Data accessibility
Data accessibility in healthcare systems and databases are now governed and managed through solutions that can be provided by Informatica, one of our capable partners in the area of data governance, data management and data integration.

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