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We understand the challenges and contributions of the financial and tax market so that companies can count on suites that allow them to increase operational efficiency, making them offer more product options to their customers.

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Our solutions are considered by companies that, together, represent more than 8% of the Brazilian GDP.

Given the increase in legal requirements for transparency and compliance in Brazil, the demand for ERP software and financial management solutions is growing. Our solutions are considered by companies that, together, represent more than 8% of the Brazilian GDP.

Developed by our technical team, NTT DATA Business Solutions software guarantees quality performance and fast deployment. Attentive to the market, our developers are always studying new ways of adapting and evolving processes. After all, NTT DATA Business Solutions is a company open to new challenges, always in search of development.

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Over more than 20 years, we have generated knowledge in different business processes and developed software and service offerings that help companies in the manufacturing, agribusiness, retail, services, financial sectors and utilities. We are committed to innovation to simplify our customers' businesses. In 2018, we launched ECG, our software for cloud tax services, and in 2019, we enabled machine learning functionalities in the GUEPARDO tax solution.

Ricardo Fachin CEO of NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil

Finance and Tax Products and Services

GUEPARDO Tax Software

GUEPARDO is the fastest growing Tax Solution for SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA and SAP TDF in the market. Learn more about the SAP Netweaver reference platform, which has revolutionized tax management processes for companies and promotes tax and accounting compliance!


Enterprise Cloud GUEPARDO offers a messaging and validation service for EFD-REINF, as it enables sending Events for this obligation in an automated method and integrated with Brazilian IRS services.


No matter the size of your business or your demand, Camaleo is the cutting-edge technology that fits your budget. Understand how to increase your production capacity, with higher speed and lower costs!

GUEPARDO Update Service

Keeping GUEPARDO up to date is synonymous with operational efficiency, with security and agility in investigations.

It is important to emphasize that each company has its particularity, which, consequently, is accompanied by taxation. For this reason, GUEPARDO develops a specific scenario according to the user’s needs. By combining the best SAP technological practices with tax expertise, NTT DATA Business Solutions offers an update service that optimizes tax accounting routines and is divided into the following steps:

Tax Consulting Services

Get to know NTT DATA Business Solutions’ tax consulting services and ensure tax compliance and compliance!

In order to protect clients’ assets from exposure to risks inherent to tax aspects, NTT DATA Business Solutions reinforces the importance of compliance in the transmission of ancillary obligations and offers a service that covers the tax review of processes, preparation of calculations and generation of files, providing all necessary support to ensure the correct compliance with tax routines.

GUEPARDO Tax Service Desk

The Tax Support of NTT DATA Business Solutions, has a 100% certified team and a 24 × 7 support services center, specialized in tax processes applied to the GUEPARDO Tax Software and related modules in the SAP environment.

Finance and Tax Products

About GUEPARDO Tax Software

Since the implementation of the GUEPARDO Tax Software, we have managed to reduce costs, have more agility in processes, more autonomy and automation of deliveries. Now we have everything mapped within the system and it's much easier to calculate taxes.

Christina Santos Account Manager SOTREQ

Finance and Tax Services


With all our experience in implementing management systems, NTT DATA Business Solutions, develops customized, exclusive and specific accelerators to meet our customers’ needs. With them you can reduce the time spent on operations, and turn managing information into a secure and agile process. Learn more about our accelerators!

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Finance and Taxes: How We Can Transform It

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to serve the financial market.

Make sure your company is more competitive, secure and with simplified processes.

The way the financial market operates amazes us every day, especially regarding how intensely investments and routines evolve.

We know that the daily routine of the financial sector involves a set of commercial banks and other financial companies, brokers and insurance companies, subject to a number of inherent changes in politics and economics.

Taking into account that tracking these changes is an attribute for a certain few and there are many uncertainties, NTT DATA Business Solutions understands these challenges and assists companies to count on solutions that provide increased operational efficiency, so they can offer more product options to their customers, always aligned with the demanding market regulations and delivering reliable results.

All this with a comprehensive solution portfolio and a highly skilled and multidisciplinary professional team. NTT DATA Business Solutions offers increased productivity, risk reduction and compliance with the complex financial legislations.

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It’s time to focus on growing your business. Put technology to work for your accounting!

Simplify tax assessment and deliver more assertive deliveries with NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil’s financial and tax products and services.

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