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Twiser offers Artificial Intelligence supported infrastructure to reveal the real performance of your employees.

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OKR System Supported by Artificial Intelligence

Twiser goal and performance management solution not only allows managers to see their team’s goals and performance in line with the goal, but also provides the possibility to see, measure, or make suggestions about the goals of the employee himself and his teammates who may be interested. Thus, the employee determines his/her own target based on the general target of the company, can measure his/her performance, and make the necessary arrangements. The performance management system, where you realize all these, includes the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology. With this methodology and artificial intelligence-supported structure, you can talk about how the future will be shaped and how you will shape it, not the goals and performances of the past.

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Adapt to Change with the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Methodology

OKR methodology; Objectives (O) is a short, memorable, inspiring, and exciting statement describing the goal to be achieved. Key Results (KR) are sharp criteria that represent how far the goal has been achieved and enrich it by revealing different aspects of the goal. While the OKR methodology puts the performance and goal management structure in an agile and dynamic framework, it allows you to offer a lively and regularly updated, transparent structure that encourages reaching the better, focused on talking about the future, not the past scales. Twiser, on the other hand, puts this structure at the core and offers a platform supported by artificial intelligence. The OKR methodology aims for your employees to set their goals more clearly, future-oriented, and in line with the overall strategy of the company.

Do you encounter at least one of the following problems in performance management?

  • Does it take a lot of time to analyze performance values, extract the right data and understand the potential of employees?
  • Can’t you make accurate measurements by sticking to the average instead of identifying high-performing employees in the existing system?
  • Even if you extract the numerical data correctly, are the evaluations left to the discretion of the people because you do not carry out your processes in a transparent and traceable structure?
  • Does your existing system make retrospective non-agile evaluations rather than future-oriented evaluations?
  • If you are looking for answers to such problems and questions and want your performance evaluation and management processes to be closer to the future, you should get to know the Twiser solution better. We offer a solution specific to your business and industry.
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Does it take a lot of time to analyze performance values, extract the right data and understand the potential of your employees?

OKR methodology puts the performance and the goal management structure in an agile and dynamic framework and aims for your employees to set their goals more clearly and future-oriented.

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Clear Vision, Consolidated Goals and Employees Closer to Success than Ever

The OKR methodology, which forms the basis of Twiser’s next-generation performance management solution, consists of 2 to 5 Objectives that represent the priorities of the position, short, memorable, and inspiring, and a maximum of 4 Key Results for each Objective, which are sure to be understood by different people in the same way. represents the building. While combining this structure with a central platform, Objectives (O) describe the vision to be achieved, Key Results (KR) are understandable, measurable, or definitive criteria that describe how to achieve this vision.


We Support Your Employees and Your Business in the Best Way

In order for your teams to work effectively and efficiently, it is necessary to take full advantage of the future-oriented steps of technology. Monitoring the true potential of your employees, knowing their own potential, and effectively walking towards a clear goal with them starts with successfully making the future a part of your company culture. We optimize the newest and most effective applications of technology for your business and your employees and create special results for you.

We understand the requirements of your industry and scale, as you do, and support them with the most appropriate applications and solutions. As one of the largest platinum partners of SAP worldwide and with over 30 years of experience working with companies from many industries, we strive to unlock the true potential of your business.

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