Cloud Platform Advisory for SAP and Non-SAP workloads

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Cloud Platform Advisory for SAP and Non-SAP workloads

Get the right cloud infrastructure strategy that fits your needs

Many companies have adopted cloud computing but often have complex hybrid IT structures. Exploiting the full potential cloud is difficult and requires significant skills and expertise. Finding an optimal cloud design and operating concept presents challenges, particularly in selecting the set of cloud functionalities and addressing data security and compliance needs. To harness the benefits of a hybrid cloud effectively, solid cloud expertise and operation practice from a trusted partner are essential to gain a competitive edge.

We start by thoroughly analyzing your IT strategy and growth objectives. We then design and implement your SAP and cloud infrastructure so that you can achieve your individual digital transformation goals. Our continuous cloud management services ensure your quality and give you the freedom to shape your strategy.


From planning to optimization – let's find your strategy

As your trusted Managed Cloud Service provider with deep SAP and cloud expertise, we guide you step-by-step to the ideal cloud strategy and implementation for your IT infrastructure:

  1. We begin by understanding your needs, assessing your IT infrastructure, and advising on public clouds such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  2. We offer comprehensive cloud strategy consultation, always focused on your preferences and requirements.
  3. Once the strategy is clear, we delve into SAP and IT cloud infrastructure details, and design your solution based on Hyperscaler best practices.
  4. We devise a practical cloud migration plan to kickstart your cloud journey. We move your existing SAP infrastructure to the cloud and the data centers of AWS and Microsoft Azure quickly and securely.
  5. Lastly, we support you in optimization of your cloud setup, to achieve maximum efficiency of your solutions.

Our Cloud Platform Advisory core offerings for SAP and Non-SAP workloads

SAP Operation Model Assessment

Are you considering choosing S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition as your future SAP ERP solution and platform? That’s a good move. Or are you still uncertain whether you should select to run SAP S/4HANA on MS Azure or AWS in a different operation model?

With our SAP operation model assessment, we can help you choose the best-fitting platform and support model for you. With a complex criteria catalog, we analyze your requirements in multiple segments with a structured methodology and compare RISE for SAP, Microsoft Azure and AWS, private cloud, and on-premise data centers. You receive a comprehensive documentation of your individual ratings and results.

Cloud Infrastructure Readiness Assessment

Your on-premise setup is a large and complex environment. With our Cloud Infrastructure Readiness Assessment, we analyze your landscape automatically and provide you a complete and optimized plan for a public cloud implementation, including a cost overview of your target landscape.

Such analysis provides you with the ideal basis for solid planning of your cloud transition.

Cloud Cost Optimization Assessment

Public Clouds provide great flexibility. That comes, however, with the challenge of constantly controlling resource utilization and costs.

We help you get an overview of your Public Cloud cost consumption and identify optimization potentials for you. In a structured approach, we analyze not only your Public Cloud cost reports and identify major cost drivers and pitfalls, but also check your Public Cloud resources and services and give advice on improvements.


Workshops as a starting point

With our Cloud Infrastructure Advisory, we help you navigate the jungle of public cloud and select the best-fitting elements for your IT cloud strategy. We specified a set of workshops as a starting point – addressed to your current need. Topics might be:

  • Unblur the benefits and advantages of Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud for SAP
  • Specify an exactly fitting SAP Cloud infrastructure strategy
  • Explain and design the architecture and operation of SAP on Public Cloud
  • Plan the technical transition of SAP to hyperscaler platforms
  • Optimize the customer platform setup of SAP on Public Cloud

How to use your cloud infrastructure optimal

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How to choose the right cloud strategy

Choosing the right technology and infrastructure is critical to the success of your cloud strategy. But how do you choose the right cloud strategy? We provide an overview of the topic and inform you about our Cloud Platform Advisory Workshops, which we customize to meet your information and decision-making needs based on the current state of your cloud transition process.

Overview of cloud advisory workshops

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Realize a beneficial hybrid cloud strategy

Get in-depth expertise how to combine agility and security in the cloud, what your hybrid cloud migration options are, how to boost profitability with flexibility and scalability as well as how to detect potential and use it strategically.

Hybrid cloud strategy expertise

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Sustainability and public cloud: we optimize your IT landscape

It doesn't have to be a contradiction - we can make an advantage out of it! We have developed a service that helps you to exploit the potential and advantages of sustainable hyperscaler data centers and to plan, set up and operate your IT landscapes in a CO2-optimized manner without sacrificing technological innovations.

How to make a cloud sustainable

It's time for your cloud infrastructure strategy

Do you want your company to be enabled to remain flexible, agile, adaptable, and therefore competitive in the long term with the right cloud infrastructure? Let’s talk about how we can support you here as your trusted advisor.