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SAP-Dependencies cut from the same cloth – it.configure

Bielefeld, January 13, 2014 – Taking care of dependencies with the SAP Variant Configurator (LO-VC) is faster now. With the innovative SAP-based add-on it.configure from itelligence the rules of the configuration can be arranged on a central user interface, from where they can be clearly and conveniently managed and maintained.

Companies often use a classic SAP Variant Configurator (LO-VC) for product configuration. However, the management and maintenance of the SAP dependencies takes time. With the new add-on solution “it.configure” from itelligence AG, SAP-related knowledge can, however, be standardized and managed transparently as part of a whole. In “it.configure” rules and variant tables can be easily, quickly and efficiently modelled and managed in a transaction and via a central interface which is intuitive to use.

Johannes Cordes, itelligence AG says: “it.configure is a qualitative leap, because now even the most complex product data models can be implemented in a short time in SAP ERP implementations.”

The rules can be stored in just a few database tables, also the IT-Workbench is seamlessly integrated with the SAP standard objects which are relevant to the product configuration. These include configuration profiles in the LO-VC, lists of parts or work processes.

Reduce complexity

In “it.configure” the rules will be arranged hierarchically, from the general definition of a standard at the top-level down to the exceptions on more specific levels. Here, a general rule applies only until it is overwritten by a more specific one. This means that rules become shorter and their complexity is reduced. At the same time, rules can be processed more efficiently because only the exceptions need to be maintained.

The advantages of this approach are obvious. For example, in the configuration of a car, the most general key is defined as “model”, this forms the top level. It is where basic features are given binding definitions. This may be the installation of cloth seats as standard, which also applies to the basic outfitting.

Of course, additional restrictions can be set down as conditions, which can then be copied and edited using drag -and-drop. A default inheritance can be set up for the same features. In addition, the simulation of product configuration in the CU50 transaction of the LO-VC can be started directly from the it.configure user interface.

The it.configure add-on is also characterized by a number of other useful features, to help the end-user to be more efficient in their daily work. In particular there is an intelligent lock concept which allows multiple end-users simultaneously to access dependencies and edit them. This allows tasks that arise in the variant configuration, to be completed very quickly and the follow up processes to be initiated in a timely manner in product development and production. There are also functions for finding variable and contextual features, the dynamic filtering of rules according to various options and the display of the change history as well as the tracking of applied rules.
Another advantage of it.configure is that it can be introduced gradually to an existing SAP system – for example, for all new developments, model for model, or for individual areas of the model. The classic SAP dependencies, which are maintained in the editor, can thus be replaced bit by bit.

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