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itelligence Presents High-Tech Solutions at the It&Business 2013


New at the Trade Fair: HANA SAP Solutions for Manufacturers, Mechanical Engineers, Plant ad nMachinery Installers and the Automobile Industry from itelligence

Bielefeld, August 20, 2013 – Under the heading of “Big Data”, itelligence, the leading SAP consulting house for mid-sized business, will show examples of SAP HANA applications custom-tailored specifically for automotive supply, mechanical engineering, plant/machinery installation and manufacturing. For the first time at a trade fair the SAP consultants from itelligence will present their implementation of SAP’s revolutionary central memory databank technology: “it.automotive goes HANA.” The itelligence AddStore (including the SEPA Fixed Price Package) and the new Fixed-Price External Trade Solution will be further special features of the it&business presentation by itelligence AG in Stuttgart, in Halle 3, Stand 3B52.

it.automotive goes HANA

As an important building block for the “Digital Factory”, SAP HANA brings to the automobile- and manufacturing industries, as well as those involving mechanical engineering and plant and machinery installation, a substantially faster decision-making process. Thanks to much more flexible ERP systems such as SAP, the “intelligent factory” of the future will develop and be managed according to the wishes and ideas of engineers. In this manner production and management can be interwoven in a whole new way. Even complex material requirements planning processes (MRP) and capacity planning, millions of cost postings on thousands of PSP elements, or extensive simulation processes can be expeditiously dealt with using SAP HANA. itelligence will demonstrate how this looks in practice: whether with the determination of delivery call-offs and the forecasting of order backlogs, whether with use in improving punctuality of delivery, or in requirement forecast reports. it.automotive on HANA offers short response times in complex evaluations and, even in spite of numerous simultaneous user queries, split-second analysis.

New “Fixed-Price Package” from the itelligence AddStore: Foreign Trade and Payments Regulation and SEPA Conversion Offer

Successful Full Service Provider itelligence is continuously expanding its online offerings in Fixed-Price Packages. The itelligence AddStore ( already boasts more than 120 AddOns for a wide range of applications such as SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). Time is of the essence regarding the implementation of SEPA. By February 1st, 2014, companies must convert to the SEPA payment procedure. itelligence can help companies which have an SAP solution manage the conversion in record time. We are putting compressed “consultant knowledge” into Fixed-Price Packages which we offer on a progressive price scale. They are available from 2,950 EUR for the implementation of SEPA transfers.

Foreign Trade and Payment Regulation (AWV) in the AddStore

itelligence offers companies with a foreign trade orientation a new Add-on for support with reporting necessary under the German Foreign Trade and Payment Regulation (incl. Z4 Reporting). Payments to and from foreign trading partners must be categorized and reported according to the AWV. This requires “report-relevant” information (LZB designations) to be recorded for collection in the documentation of financial bookkeeping in the SAP ERP system. The itelligence solution for the AWV enables the establishment of default values on the basis of core data for materials, debitors, creditors and real accounts, and also the automatic derivation of these values in the recording and collection of FI documents, for invoicing logistics invoice verification. Starting at 4,990 Euro.

Technical Presentations:

Among the highlights for visitors to the it&business trade fair will be the technical presentations based on the experiences of representatives from renowned companies. This year the program includes “Result-Oriented Corporate Management” from Thomas Weis of Bühler Motor GmbH, Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Wed., Sept. 25that 11.55 am, Room 5.2 in the ICS

This year itelligence AG will once again take part in the ERP Contest 2013 / ERP Excellence / IT & Business 2013. At the it&business 2013, six ERP providers will offer their systems for comparison on the basis of market requirements and the current technological state-of-the-art. Companies’ expectations in an ERP system today go far beyond mere functionality. The focus is increasingly on: Business Process Management and Business Performance Management, E-Commerce capability, and compatibility with mobile devices. Viewers at the it&business 2013 trade fair will experience live, how business processes in an internationally operating company can be managed.
itelligence is one of the leading international full-service providers of solutions in support of SAP solutions, employing more than 2,800 highly qualified employees in 22 countries and in five regions (America, Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Germany/Austria/Switzerland). As a frequently awarded SAP partner, among others global value-added reseller, SAP Certified in Cloud Services and SAP Gold Partner Business ByDesign, itelligence realizes complex projects in the SAP solution-based environment for over 5,000 customers worldwide. In 2006, itelligence obtained gold-level status as an SAP channel partner as part of the SAP PartnerEdge™ program in Germany, and in the U.S. in 2007. The company’s services in support of SAP solutions range from consulting and licensing to application management services and outsourcing & services to proprietary industry-specific SAP. In 2012, itelligence generated total sales of EUR 407.1 million. itelligence is “Top Consultant” 2012.