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NTT DATA Business Solutions wins SAP #Hack2Build on SAP Artificial Intelligence with AI Nose

The team from NTT DATA Business Solutions is a winner at SAP #Hack2Build, a hackathon event held during December 2021. Making use of SAP Artificial Intelligence (SAP AI), the showcased IT system “AI Nose” recognizes odors and autonomously initiates processes in goods inwards, in the warehouse or in production based on the results.

The SAP #Hack2Build on SAP Artificial Intelligence, where the international team from NTT DATA Business Solutions took first place, was conducted from December 8 to 16. “With our use case ‘AI Nose: Smelling is better than seeing’, we demonstrated that AI can recognize odors and initiate or control business processes based on the results,” reports Adrian Kostrz, Manager Global Innovation and Products/Technology Adoption at NTT DATA Business Solutions, global strategic SAP partner.

AI Nose currently uses four sensors to measure various gas concentrations. In combination, the four measured values form a so-called fingerprint, which is assigned as master data to a specific odor, for instance that of a ripe banana. During subsequent operation, artificial intelligence and machine learning first determine the odor, then compare it with stored measured values and send an alert in the event of previously defined deviations.

In a second step, process control is initiated by the SAP modules that provide the functionality. The SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad were used to build the model, train and test the AI models. Using a custom application built on SAP Business Technology Platform, the inference from the AI model is linked to the SAP S/4HANA Materials Management module.

AI Nose is extremely flexible: “If we need to recognize very complex odors for a particular application, the number of sensors can be increased quite easily,” reports Innovation Manager Kostrz.

And the technology can be applied in diverse areas. The experts from NTT DATA Business Solutions highlighted three examples from the Life Science, Food & Chemicals sector: When a consignment of fruit or coffee arrives at goods inwards, AI Nose can tell the quality of the batch from the odor. During the course of soup production, the system can pinpoint the optimum cooking time and extend or stop the heating process accordingly. In connection with transportation or storage, the system will ensure that spoilt product is removed. It can also facilitate a special course of action: A supermarket can, for instance, lower the price of very ripe bananas before they become too discolored to sell.

“The SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad, launched recently with general availability as of October 2021, were put to good use by our innovation focused partners during the #Hack2Build-AI edition held in December 2021. We were happy to see how NTT DATA brought their AI nose idea to life in a short span of 7 days by combining the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and integrating with core business processes in SAP S/4HANA. The NTT DATA team highlighted how the AI Nose built using SAP Artificial Intelligence could provide value to our customers in life sciences and food industries,” said Vasanth Kumar, Regional Head of SAP Co-Innovation Lab, SAP Middle East, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Norbert Rotter, CEO of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, takes encouragement for further projects from the win: “Once again, we have come top in a competition involving one of SAP’s topics of the future. We provide consulting services to our customers in the area of artificial intelligence to enable them to develop innovative added values in their business early on in order to gain competitive advantages.”

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