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itelligence, an SAP partner, shows how to succeed with innovation

The theme of itelligence AG’s presence at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE is “user experience innovations you can touch.” In Hall 7, E14, and at the SAP stand A02, itelligence presents the new voice control in customer service using the example of natural language processing with Alexa. Some of the new features on display at the itelligence booth include augmented reality with the iPad, Microsoft HoloLens, and full vertical integration of the shop floor into production processes. Other highlights of the show in Hannover include Industry 4.0 examples of innovative SAP® applications powered by the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system.

“User experience – innovation you can touch” at HANNOVER MESSE

The sheer volume of information and the speed at which change happens means that companies must have experienced consultants as intermediaries between business knowledge and process knowledge, as well as powerful solution and IT architectures. This is the only way to quickly implement innovations in the master plan necessary for digitalization. At HANNOVER MESSE, itelligence provides an overview of product and consulting solutions for customer service and the shop floor, including logistics as well as the associated user experience, directly in the relevant scenarios.

Norbert Rotter, CEO of itelligence AG, said: “The new digital value-added services are changing entire value chains. And precisely for this purpose, it is important to take advantage of consultants experienced in SAP solutions, such as those at itelligence, who are familiar with the effects of these innovations on the process chain – ranging from the smart product right up to preventative maintenance.”

Digitalization with itelligence in Hall 7/E14

Showcase 1: Experience Innovation

It must be possible to experience innovations and to implement them. In this context, itelligence demonstrates modern forms of the user experience based on the example of customer service processes. In the augmented reality (AR) scenario with the iPad, a plant or machine is clearly identified using AR and machine learning (ML) while also providing specific process data in real time.

Using HoloLens as an example in the augmented reality variant with voice control, itelligence shows how customer service technicians on a maintenance assignment can work on disassembling a component while simultaneously viewing the relevant information on their data glasses.

Another digital assistance system presented by itelligence is natural language processing with Alexa. When working n a plant, service technicians can control a device using only voice commands and can simultaneously request information from the IT system without using their hands.

Hans Rauwolf, Head of IoT, Industry 4.0, Innovation & Portfolio, itelligence AG: “There is more than one way to optimize business processes and support new business models by implementing innovative solutions and technologies from the IoT and Industry 4.0. In many cases, innovations consist of new combinations of familiar elements and methods. This also applies, of course, to the incorporation of production plants into company networks and to the opportunities that arise from opening up new communication paths. The challenge is always to make effective use of this data.”

Showcase 2: Production and Logistics Scenario

Modern tools facilitate the collection and evaluation of data at almost every step of the value chain. At HANNOVER MESSE, itelligence demonstrates a scenario that networks and extends familiar and proven solutions with new components. In the best tradition of lean production concepts, itelligence avoids data waste and presents a learning and adaptive solution architecture. Entire solution systems must be integrated into the digitalization of production. In addition to SAP solutions such as SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII), SAP ERP and SAP Plant Connectivity, at its booth in Hannover, itelligence presents KEPWARE from Inray interacting with the control hardware of the Siemens S7 series.

itelligence AG, SAP platinum partner, in Hall 7, Stand A02, adjacent to the SAP stand

Highly innovative forms of collaboration in SAP Asset Intelligence Network

At the SAP partner stand, the focus is on efficient service and maintenance processes and on the tracking of processes and objects. Here, on the basis of SAP Asset Intelligence Network, itelligence demonstrates a highly innovative form of collaboration between manufacturers, service providers and plant operators. The “digital twin” is the foundation for digitalized processes, and this is mapped using SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation. Integration of the demo machine with sensors into SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation, as well as the provision of the process data in the digital twin, are carried out via the IoT application management service offered by SAP. The showcase is extended with augmented-reality examples, business analytics and a machine learning scenario.

Digitalization through SAP Global Track and Trace

A key component of digitalization is tracking of processes and objects. In this context, itelligence demonstrates at the SAP partner stand how companies can shape and optimize their logistics processes based on the SAP Global Track and Trace solution and on the use of the latest technological developments.