05.05.2021 – 05.05.2021

Digitalization of HR – a Necessity to Enable Agile HR?

Two of the most hyped concepts of today are unarguably “Digitalization” and “Agility”.

Join Pia-Maria Thorén author of Agile People and founder of the global network Agile People, and Mark Carroll, HXM Management Consultant at NTT DATA Business Solutions, as they explore the interrelation of agility and digitalization and how to practically apply it in your organization.

They will talk about:

•  What it means to be agile and digital

•  Why HR must be comfortable with leading the agenda internally

•  The proven, low-risk practical steps to start

•  Why Continuous Performance is so important and how HR can help to create the conditions necessary to succeed

•  Q&A

They will draw on real-life examples of challenges, breakthroughs and learnings that can help you align and accelerate your discussion internally.

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