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Smart Digital Services - Pix integrates the Brazilian instant payment system to your SAP ERP making your life and your customers and suppliers easier! Your company will change in a pix!

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Smart Digital Services PIX

What is Pix?

Pix, an instant payment system created by the Banco Central do Brasil, went into operation on 2020, November 16th, and is creating a lot of expectations in the market as it is something completely new, which joins the traditional cards, TED, DOC, bank slips and bills, and companies need to prepare to use the full potential and benefits of this new tool.

Pix’s main advantage is to provide payments and transfer of values in a few seconds at any time of the day, regardless of whether it is a weekend or a holiday, which brings advantages for both consumers and companies.

SDS Pix was created by our innovation team to meet the needs of companies that want to use Pix as a way to generate collections, receipts, and payments, further expanding the range of options for their customers and partners. SDS Pix is the integration between your company’s ERP and Pix, so that the management of operations is facilitated, enabling quick identification of receipts and payments with the instantaneous system.

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Who is the Pix for?

Smart Digital Services – Pix is for those who want to integrate Pix with their SAP ERP and take advantage of all the advantages of the instant payment system, thus increasing the range of payment options, generating collections and receipts that can still be part of an intelligent process flow, which can be started as soon as an operation is validated, starting tasks, generating work orders, purchase, logistics, transport, among many other functions. All this in a cloud-based service, with low cost and short project time, all security and compliance guaranteed!

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Check out the advantages of Pix:



For consumers, the great advantage is the ease of payment, which is carried out using the smartphone and performing bank transfers without fees and using only a Pix key and not all the bank details of the recipient.



For companies, the benefit is being able to receive the money at the same time of sale, payment, or transfer, no longer having to wait for compensation time of bank slips or cards, nor bear the fees for issuing slips, TEDs, and credit card machines.

Smart Digital Services PIX

NTT DATA Business Solutions is prepared to offer the market solutions that facilitate the adoption of Pix, so that companies can make use of all the advantages and benefits that this new system brings!

Our innovation area developed SDS Pix, a module of the Smart Digital Services family, a set of intelligent services that unlock the potential of your ERP, which already has the Banks module, to meet the needs of companies that will start using Pix as a way to generate collections, receipts, and payments, further expanding the range of options for its customers and partners.

SDS Pix is ​​the integration between Pix and your ERP, providing extensive management of operations and enabling rapid identification of receipts and payments with the instant system, being part of an intelligent flow of processes, initiating tasks, generating service orders, purchasing, logistics, transport, among many other functions.

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Check out some benefits of having an SDS Pix project:

    The cost is greatly reduced, and the implementation time is reduced mainly if compared to the numbers of a traditional project.
    The system has encryption, an anti-fraud system with Machine Learning and AI and all the necessary protocols to guarantee compliance and information security.
    The entire solution is supported by PaaS (Platform as a Service) and FaaS (Functions as a Service) services in AWS cloud infrastructure. The high scalability and availability of the service is guaranteed throughout the suite!
    Your teams can focus on the main activity of your business, while the integration of Pix and technology adjustments are due to NTT DATA!
    The peace of mind of placing your company’s Pix integration in the hands of an SAP Platinum Partner with expertise and technological structure recognized and awarded by the market!
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Your company will change in a Pix!

Count on a service that integrates your ERP with Pix quickly and economically and be prepared for the evolution of the Brazilian instant payments system. Get confirmation of operations instantly and start an intelligent process flow!

Fill out the form and our experts will contact you to understand your business needs for Pix adoption!

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