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Learn what customer experience (CX) is about and why managing your customer’s experiences is more than just customer relationship management (CRM). Get to know our capabilities in marketing, commerce, sales and customer service.

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What is CRM today?
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What Does Customer Experience Mean?

Customer Experience (in short CX) is about the feelings, memories and perceptions a customer has with your brand’s services and products. An experience starts long before you buy a product, it is every interaction someone has with your brand. It might start from the ads that generated their first awareness, to calls they make with your service team long after the sale was made.

Think about the last time you received a new phone. You might consider the technical details very heavily when you decided to buy, but usually, it’s the experience that you remember. Emotions – like the feeling when unboxing your new phone – stick in your brain longer than the hard facts.

That’s why, whether we’re providing a product or service, in the real world or online, our top priority is simply to give the customer the best possible experience. We don’t live in a world with products that are inherently great or terrible, sold by companies with good or bad customer service. There are only good and bad experiences.

What Is Customer Experience Management?

Customer experience management (in short CXM) includes all processes, strategies and departments that impact customer expectations, engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. It’s more than just customer relationship management (CRM) and affects marketing, sales and customer service. It is about tracking and measuring how customers feel about your brand. In combination with hard figures like sales data, as well as designing activities, you are able to improve every aspect of the customer experience.

Why CXM Is Relevant for Your Business

86% of buyers will pay more for great customer experience.

Daniel Newman in Forbes Magazine, 4 Actionable Customer Experience Statistics For 2020

Customer Experience with the SAP CX Suite – powered by NTT Data Business Solutions
Watch on Customer Experience with the SAP CX Suite – powered by NTT Data Business Solutions

ROI and Benefits of Customer Experience Management

With comparison websites, reviews, and the shift from in-store sales to faceless online transactions, it seems like our purchase decisions are only becoming more objective. However, fewer opportunities to connect emotionally means that the handful of brands who are still able to do so enjoy outsized benefits. Even if experience management sounds quite superfluous – in the end, it’s our positive experience with a product or service that makes us recommend it to others. That’s why the holistic approach of managing your customer’s experiences will pay off.

Therefore, you need to track every interaction your customer has with your brand with CX software (SAP CX suite). Collect all data from your relationship, and know your customers’ preferences and habits to deliver the best experience possible.

How Investments in CXM Software Pay Off

  1. Increase revenue by selling more to existing customers
  2. Increase sales from word-of-mouth
  3. Improve customer loyalty and customer retention rates
  4. Reduce churn rates in subscription services

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CX Software Solutions in Practice

Missguided company quote about CX solution implementation.

The B2B Customer Portal has allowed Missguided to enable growth through efficient business operations with an improved customer experience, customer personalisation and seamless integration to SAP ERP.

Kate Marten, Head of SAP Optimisation, Missguided Limited

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