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GUEPARDO Update Service

Keeping GUEPARDO up to date is synonymous with operational efficiency, with security and agility in investigations. NTT DATA Brazil's tax support offers a package of services aimed at improving the performance and management of GUEPARDO Tax Software and SAP applications.

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What is GUEPARDO Update Service?

With a robust framework for operations, the specialized support in the GUEPARDO Tax Software promotes the continuous improvement of applications in all processes, check out:

  • Implementation of new functionalities and tax obligations
  • Technical and functional demands, regardless of the level of complexity
  • System adjustments and parameterization
  • Standard SAP support with Brazil localization
  • Team and methodology with SAP PCoE certification
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Who is GUEPARDO Update Service?

For customers who already have the GUEPARDO Tax Software and are looking for a simpler and more immediate way of serving users, through support it is possible to solve problems such as:

  • Reestablishment of the normal operation of user services with greater agility and security.
  • Reduction of the impact that IT failures can cause on business.
  • Implementation of new obligations in SAP (SPEDs, SISCOSERV, etc.).
  • Support for operational questions related to the SAP system and GUEPARDO Tax Software.
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Update Service

It is not new that Brazilian legislation is considered one of the largest and most complex in the world. And keeping up with this level of complexity requires a highly specialized and multifunctional team.

Especially because, it is not enough to deliver files to the RFB. The information must be properly verified and in compliance.

Following the guidelines of the tax authorities requires time, effort and dedication from specialized professionals. According to the IBPT – Brazilian Institute of Planning and Taxation, an average of 46 tax laws are created every day. Gilberto Luiz do Amaral, president of the Superior Council and coordinator of studies at IBPT, says that “if this volume of laws were printed on A4 format paper and Arial 12 type letter, it would correspond to 5.8 kilometers of standards”.

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Update service that optimizes tax accounting routines

It is important to emphasize that each company has its particularity, which, consequently, is accompanied by taxation. For this reason, GUEPARDO develops a specific scenario according to the user’s needs. By combining the best SAP technological practices with tax expertise, NTT DATA Business Solutions offers an update service that optimizes tax accounting routines and is divided into the following steps:

  1. Validating key obligations.
  2. Generating evidence.
  3. Importing requests.
  4. Validating DEV environment.
  5. Including an external request to a local request.
  6. Supporting and transmitting to QAS.
  7. Validating QAS environment.
  8. Reprocessing key obligations.
  9. Releasing for customer tests.
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And the advantages are evident!

  • Smaller updates are better handled;
  • Rapid releases reflect constant improvements;
  • New features can be implemented more quickly;
  • Compliance with legal requirements is done in real time;
  • As performed by the developer team, the update is done more quickly;
  • Inspections and adjustments are made in an active and non-reactive way;
  • And the tests are evidenced before and after the update.
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It’s time to focus on your business’ growth. Put technology to work for your accounting!

Make the calculation of taxes much simpler and make more assertive deliveries with the GUEPARDO Update Service.

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