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Statkraft Achieves First-Rate Master Data Management with GLASSWING

Experience GLASSWING

Migrating to GLASSWING has enabled us to simultaneously change and streamline our processes, which has been highly beneficial. itelligence* played a key and valued role in this process – not least by providing us with excellent tools to clean up our data.

Kasia Cieszynska, Head of Master Data, Statkraft

Statkraft achieves first-rate master data management with GLASSWING

Business need

Improved automation and quality of master data
As a global hydropower and renewable energy company with 4,000 employees across 17 countries, Statkraft generates and manages large volumes of data. Every month, the Group’s employees create approximately 500 new vendors and 100 new customers and perform thousands of searches and changes to these profiles – which is why the company decided to further automate data entry and implement sequential workflows to ensure compliance, remove duplication and near-eradicate errors, while also saving considerable time and effort.

After thoroughly researching available products on the market, Statkraft’s team concluded that NTT DATA Business Solutions’s GLASSWING combined with a Neptune interface was the best solution.

GLASSWING was the only solution available that offered such flexibility, which we needed. It was the right choice and was implemented swiftly” says Cieszynska. “It also came with a good price tag and was suitably future-proof.”


Exceptional flexibility
“Our master data setup can be very specific and requires substantial flexibility” explains Cieszynska. “We needed a solution that would work generically and yet enable highly sophisticated data processing in the backend.”We solved this challenge by configuring GLASSWING to incorporate all the necessary rules and integrating it with a simple Neptune interface.

This has enabled our various departments to build workflows that are ideally suited to their specific needs, so users now only see the information that is relevant to them and are only asked to complete the fields applicable to their particular role and country,” highlights Cieszynska adding: “This means we can provide all our users with a highly user-friendly interface while also ensuring that the integrity and accuracy of our data is maintained at all times.”


Enhanced GRC and data integrity
In addition to ensuring clear ownership, the new sequential workflows enabled by GLASSWING also support effective governance, risk management and compliance (GRC). By embedding Data privacy compliance into the front end, for example, users are required to confirm that they have complied with their country-specific privacy policy and GDPR rules.“NTT DATA Business Solutions has also embedded lots of validation features for us” explains Cieszynska. “The system automatically highlights potential errors, prompting the user to check for typos and make corrections”.

Integration with external API tools further speeds up data entry and enhances the quality of Statkraft’s data, such as VAT registration numbers and companies’ official addresses. The live connection to SAP also enables users to instantly identify whether a vendor or customer has already been created – ensuring all users use the same, correct data.

Automated workflows and streamlining deliver cost efficiencies
“The fact that more of our employees can now use the new system instead of having to be trained in SAP to maintain the data has freed up their time to focus on other
value-added tasks,” explains Cieszynska, adding: “They really value the user-friendliness and time-efficiency gains of the new system.”

Additional ripple-effect benefits
“Migrating to GLASSWING has enabled us to simultaneously change and streamline our processes, which has been highly beneficial. NTT DATA Business Solutions played a key and valued role in this process – not least by providing us with excellent tools to clean up our data,” says Cieszynska. “We are also extremely pleased with how the system has helped unify our teams into one global team. Because of this tool, we are now much better equipped to help each other across teams and countries when needed.” In conclusion, Cieszynska says:

Our strategy is to automate where we can and maintain human contact where this adds value. We want our systems to be easy, modern and intuitive. NTT DATA has enabled us to deliver exactly that for our master data management.

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