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Digital Transformation for Businesses

How a well-planned strategic implementation of innovative digital technologies can help your business accelerate.

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What Is Digital Transformation?

As more and more business processes are digitized, the need for innovative strategy and management arises. Thus, digital transformation means integrating new or modifying existing processes into the world of a digital business to meet the requirements of the markets of today. Often shortened as VUCA, the present-day market environments can be described as 

  • Volatile and extremely fast moving 
  • Uncertain, future developments are difficult to predict  
  • Complex, diverse, and vast 
  • Ambiguous because all the information can be interpreted differently 

To succeed under these conditions and manage such a transformation as a company, innovation and the right technology setup are key. As an expert partner in digital solutions, we at NTT DATA Business Solutions enable you to keep up with upcoming challenges and changes – and use them as opportunities. Therefore, we will give you an overview of the main areas of digital transformation, explain why they are important for your business’s success, and give you some project examples of digital transformation being put into practice. 

What Are the Main Areas of Digital Transformation?


Incorporating innovative technologies that is where the transformation begins. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is rather important that the new technology answers to the specific needs of your business and can be implemented step by step.


Data is the fuel for digital transformation. When it is sorted by usability and relevance, categorized, analyzed and adapted to the IT functions and applications, it cannot only economize resources but also significantly improve digital business operations and generate value.


Digital transformation requires transparency and synchronization from end to end. Often, a rethinking of how to meet customer needs and how to manage workflows across silos is needed. Strong and all-encompassing process management can lead to a true transformation in all business areas.

Change Management

The success of implementing new structures and processes of digital transformation depends on the willingness to change. Naturally, change takes time, but it is the general capability and acceptance as well as an agile change management that is decisive for successful transformation.

Driving Customer-Centricity with a Modern Data Platform

Leeds Building Society Logo

Leeds Building Society considers data to be strategically important to the success of the business. Our work with NTT DATA Business Solutions has enabled the society to access an enterprise-wide solution with the capability to transform the way data is extracted, modelled, analysed and shared across our Business.

Chris Long, Head of BI & Data at Leeds Building Society

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Why Is Digital Transformation so Important?

The huge advantages and importance of digitalizing certain organizational processes cannot be emphasized enough. Such optimization provides you with answers for various emerging customer and business demands: 

  • Digital process optimization saves costs as well as time, for example by managing complaints, verifications, and invoicing processes more efficiently. 
  • The analysis and measuring of data can be improved. Also, with regard to logistics, tracking can be made easier. 
  • While results are delivered faster, resources are minimized. 
  • Greater efficiency and productivity are imminent.  
  • Data security and cyber security protect your business on the digital level.  
  • APIs can be connected smart and efficiently, for example with IoT technologies.  
  • The meeting of sustainability goals and regulations is facilitated.  
  • Solutions like multi cloud architectures reduce the complexity of the digital landscape.  
  • A better overall user experience – for your own employees as well as customers – can be achieved.  
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How Do You Get Started?

Digital transformation is as individual as every business. The strategy for finding out how to future-proof your enterprise is rather simple: Identify the challenges and find respective answers and solutions. There is not one solution for all the problems at once. Therefore, we suggest a step-by-step approach with smaller projects. This way, the transition is a lot easier to handle and to integrate into the whole business structure as all business areas are affected by digital transformation.


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Digital Transformation is Not (Only) about Technology

…It is about making it work for you. There are many new technologies such as IoT, SAP Cloud Platform or AI that your business could potentially benefit from. Yet the key is to find out what of those digital solutions fit your business best and how they can be implemented to your advantage.

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Digital Transformation Put into Practice

Chatbot with RPA

We designed a chatbot using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automatically manage authorization requests from internal employees towards their IT departments. The solution is based on Skype for Business application and helps with a better and real-time management of high-volume requests.

Depiction of a chatbot on a mobile phone.

Logistics Bridge

To the increasing need for automation in logistics processes and high customer expectations, a digital goods tracking system can be the answer. “Logistics Bridge” automatically records any location changes in the SAP system, thus offering transparency of inventory in real-time – inside as well as outside the company – and adding to product and logistics safety.

Visualization of logistics bridge.

Education Certification with Blockchain

We created a “Digital Credentials Application” to verify authenticity of certificates with the help of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), SAP Business Technology Platform, and enhanced UX. The outcome is improvement of trust and credibility between company’s HR and applicants.

HR checking documents digitally and talking to an applicant.


With GreenScore, the consumers become part of the energy revolution: The joint project with a regional energy provider enables customers through Gamification, IoT, and Blockchain to track and visualize their individual consumption of green energy.

Windpark producing renewable energy.

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