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NTT DATA Introduces AI Guidelines

NTT DATA today announced its artificial intelligence (AI) ethics guidelines. The guidelines summarize NTT DATA’s beliefs toward the realization of a more prosperous and harmonious society where humans and AI coexist. Based on the guidelines, NTT DATA will promote, research, develop, educate, operate, and utilize AI.


The rapid development of AI technology is changing society. While the benefits of AI, such as elimination of labor shortages and enhanced conveniences are expected, there are also concerns about negative effects of AI, such as expansion of social discrimination.

NTT DATA’s efforts focus on using AI to achieve a sustainable, diverse, inclusive, and transparent human-centered society, reducing negative aspects of AI. Aligned with the principles of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, NTT DATA will use AI, not to merely improve efficiency, but to help establish a world where humans and AI inherently coexist, in which all individuals, businesses, and society as a whole, including NTT DATA’s clients, are able to enjoy the benefits of AI.

NTT DATA has formulated AI guidelines to carry out the company mission to use information technology to create new models and values, which help contribute to a more prosperous and harmonious society.

“NTT DATA will actively engage in improving social acceptance of AI by developing AI professionals and educating AI users, and contribute to becoming a society wherein the positive outcomes of AI will be widely accessible. The AI guidelines demonstrate our dedication to these ideas, said Yo Honma, Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, NTT DATA. “As a Trusted Global Innovator, NTT DATA respects diversity, fosters trust through long-term relationships, and pursues business innovation through leading-edge technologies. This is reflected by working on AI that recognizes diversity and considers basic human rights.”

NTT DATA strives to harness the potential benefits of AI through activities of its global digital offerings, technology trends analysis (NTT DATA Technology Foresight), and AI Center of Excellence, an initiative that is responsible for developing and disseminating AI technology. In addition, the company will also actively promote research and development of AI to improve the technology and its application including explainable AI.

Outline of AI Guidelines

In due course, AI will penetrate deeply into the society and affect people’s activities and decisions. NTT DATA, as a leading IT services provider that promotes research, development, operation, and utilization of AI, recognizes that it is our responsibility to define and comply with AI guidelines to realize a human-centered society in which humans and AI coexist.

Following our group vision, Trusted Global Innovator, we will use leading-edge technology to help solve social problems, such as labor shortage, and aim to be recognized as trustworthy by all individuals, businesses, and the society as a whole, including our clients.


  1. Realizing Well-being and Sustainability of Society

NTT DATA will focus on sustainability as well as well-being of human society. NTT DATA will promote solving social issues by using AI in recognition of diversity and in consideration with basic human rights. AI should not harm humans; instead, we will use AI to empower humans by supporting their lives and extending their capabilities.


  1. Co-Creating New Values by AI

NTT DATA strives to harness the potential benefits of AI and promote innovation by interacting and co-creating with AI stakeholders, including those who engage in research, development, operation, and utilization of AI and by establishing long-term relationships with clients.


  1. Fair, Reliable, and Explainable AI

For users of AI to realize its fairness and trustworthiness, NTT DATA invests reasonable efforts in presenting the decisions based on AI in a form that can be understood by humans and doesn’t cause unfair discrimination. We will strive to minimize concerns about the AI’s decision-making process to apply constant provision of appropriate AI services.


  1. Data Protection

Privacy and security is critical to NTT DATA in providing AI services. Our AI leverages the principles of security and design to protect against unauthorized access, strengthen data traceability, and develop the proper means and policy for collecting, storing, using, and providing personal information.


  1. Contribution to Dissemination of Sound AI

NTT DATA will work to further the understanding of AI in order to accelerate its acceptance. NTT DATA will also contribute to the development of society with healthy and harmonious dissemination of AI by improving literacy of AI users and by service design that is universal design compliant.


To read more about NTT DATA’s AI ​​guidelines click here



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