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itelligence publishes key figures for fiscal 2015

itelligence AG posted a very good fiscal 2015, significantly exceeding expectations in terms of revenues in particular. The company’s revenues climbed by 25.0% from MEUR 556.8 to MEUR 696.2. Earnings rose at an even faster rate, with EBIT of MEUR 36.0 after MEUR 22.8 in the previous year. This corresponds to a jump of 57.9%. The good overall results were attributable to further substantial organic growth (+16.4%) as well as the revenue growth resulting from newly acquired companies in 2015 (+8.6%). Orders on hand at itelligence AG were up 17.0% from MEUR 563.5 at the end of 2014 to MEUR 659.5 as at December 31, 2015.

Herbert Vogel, CEO of itelligence AG, comments: “With revenues of almost MEUR 700 now, we have ended 2015 excellently and achieved our strategic goals. A good development at almost all levels has enabled us to strengthen our market position and we are now extremely well positioned for 2016.”

In the individual revenue segments, Consulting business performed particularly positively, increasing its global revenues by 25.8% from MEUR 246.6 to MEUR 310.1. Revenues in Outsourcing & Services also rose significantly by 29.7% from MEUR 186.1 in the previous year to MEUR 241.4. Application Management posted an 8.4% increase in revenue from MEUR 66.3 to MEUR 71.9. Finally, revenues in the Licenses segment totaled MEUR 69.4, up 22.0% on the previous year’s figure of MEUR 56.9.

In terms of geographical distribution, itelligence posted further growth in its largest segment, DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland). Revenues here were up 26.0% from MEUR 255.0 to MEUR 321.2. Revenues in Western Europe also increased significantly by +28.8%, from MEUR 120.2 to MEUR 154.8. In Eastern Europe, revenues were improved by 18.2% from MEUR 63.1 to MEUR 74.6. The USA segment also recorded a strong upward trend with growth of 22.2%, generating revenues of MEUR 130.8 as compared to MEUR 107.0 in the previous year. Finally, the Asia segment improved its revenues by 52.9% from MEUR 7.0 to MEUR 10.7 in fiscal 2015. Revenues in the Other segment amounted to MEUR 4.1 after MEUR 4.5 in the previous year.

In parallel with this excellent revenue performance, itelligence also significantly improved its earnings as planned and achieved even higher growth for earnings than for revenues. EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) thus climbed by 57.9% from MEUR 22.8 to MEUR 36.0. The EBIT margin was 5.2% as against 4.1% in the same period of the previous year.

Norbert Rotter, CFO of itelligence AG, comments: “itelligence is continuing to benefit from our customers’ investments in the digitization of their business processes. The guaranteed future of SAP products and itelligence’s consulting expertise are two key factors for our business success. We will continue to invest in further staff growth in 2016.”

In view of itelligence AG’s excellent market positioning, the Management Board anticipates further revenue and earnings improvements in fiscal 2016. An increase in revenues to at least MEUR 720 is anticipated in 2016. Earnings are expected to record a stronger improvement than revenues, with an EBIT margin of around 5.5%.

Further figures and details can be found in the 2015 Annual Report, which will be published on Thursday, March 31, 2016.