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Bo Andersen | June 7, 2018

Take Control of Your Paperwork with Automated Document Handling

Over many years of business, companies generate an abundance of important documentation that must be maintained. This paperwork doesn’t just take up space, but also makes finding and accessing key documents more difficult. In this blog post, I will explain how a digital, automated document handling suite alleviates common challenges for modern businesses and boosts efficiency. 

Documentation of almost every key process at modern businesses is a necessity. This includes sales, changes in staff, and IT infrastructure modifications, to name a few. If the thousands of documents are not maintained, you could face legal penalties or not have the necessary information to make crucial business decisions. This is where a digital document handling suite is essential.

Every two days now, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google from 2001 to 2017

Saving Space: The Logical First Step

As your business operates over many years and grows, you generate an enormous amount of documentation that must be stored somewhere. While storage may be manageable at first, this won’t always be the case and you will likely have to rent or buy more storage space.

By opting for a digital solution, you require no space whatsoever. All documents are stored digitally on a centralized platform. The issues of having documents located at different sites and paying for extra storage are completely eliminated. You can therefore make better use of the area your business already owns and reduce rental costs significantly – the first steps toward optimizing document handling and becoming a paperless office.

Eliminate Manual Tasks to Free Up Resources

Conventional document handling requires a significant level of human interaction. Many forms can be filled out, reviewed, and approved by an employee on a computer. But even this requires attention to detail and consumes a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, generating invoices can be a costly and time-consuming process that constantly needs internal resources.

A digital solution automates and standardizes these processes, while automatically generating invoices. Every step of the approval process is completed on a centralized platform, reducing the need for manual intervention. This minimizes the level of internal resources required to allow your staff to focus on its core business – saving your business time and money. Additionally, having standardized processes for document handling improves reliability and consistency across the board, giving you peace of mind that your paperwork is being correctly managed and stored.

Transparency and Easy Access Boosts Efficiency

When you need a key document, instant access and transparency over the whole process – from start to finish – is vital. Delays can hold up customer transactions or replying to queries – potentially costing your business money or damaging its reputation. By having a single source for the thousands of documents at your enterprise, you ensure they are instantly available whenever and wherever they are needed. An automated document handling suite stores all paperwork in a clear and consistent format.

Turn to an Expert Partner for Reliable Guidance

NTT DATA Business Solutions has worked with businesses of all sizes and in a diverse range of industries to optimize key processes. We have developed our own automated document handling suite module that can be seamlessly integrated into your SAP environment. The it.document handling suite supports your business throughout every stage of documentation, from file creation to processing, approval, and review.