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SAP Projects Are Now Easier and Faster with ChatGPT

Our solution that has been created to ease the creation of FS documents in SAP projects, which writes TS documents and delivers ABAP developments is ready to use.


SAP Projects Are Now Easier and Faster with ChatGPT

After OpenAI published the GPT model, this model started to be used actively all over the world and attracted a lot of attention. As we can use this model in almost every area of our lives, the fact that institutions can use it in different areas of their own business processes has also been a very important point. There are also important opportunities to produce value-added solutions.

As NTT Data Business Solutions, we make a very important investment in the use of new generation technologies and evaluate new opportunities both for our own business processes and for our business partners. We are also moving forward with a methodology that we have developed, which we call “One Inch Punch”, especially for the use, dissemination and value creation of new generation technologies. We have a methodology for producing solutions that emerge in very short periods and can make a big impact in a very short time. We will tell you all the details about “One Inch Punch” in another blog post. In this blog post, we would like to share with you our solution that will both make the operation of the project easier and take the documentation process under control in our SAP projects by using our methodology.

Let's Evaluate Together This Very Important Business Process for SAP Industry

As you know, one of the most essential element of SAP projects is the preparation of “Functional Spec” (FS) and “Technical Spec” (TS) documents by both business partners and SAP consultancy teams. In the next step, ABAP consultants start to make related developments on SAP through the TS document. SAP customers know very well the details of this process, especially with consulting firms in the SAP sector. There may be dozens of different problems that occur in this process.

The documentation formats, the paperwork of the processes, the project plans and the intensity of the SAP consultants sometimes can cause this process to progress with certain difficulties and even take a lot of time for all stakeholders. This process can even be considered as a phase with certain iterations depending on the size of the projects. We also have a very active business process, especially in this area.

In our idea and scenario evaluations, we aim to position ourselves at the center of this business process, based on OpenAI technologies, in order to make both our internal processes and the project management processes and certain standardizations of our business partners more efficient.

What Are Our Goals for Developing SAP Projects with ChatGPT?

  1. End users can explain their processes with their own terminology
  2. Writing the documentation of business processes in a specific format
  3. Automatic conversion of FS documents written by end users into TS documents
  4. Automatically developing ABAP codes through automatically written TS documents and delivering the relevant source codes to SAP consultants
  5. Ensuring 40% efficiency increase in all these processes
  6. To save at least 50% of our business partners and SAP consultants in these processes
  7. Positioning this solution that we have developed, where OpenAI is at the center, as an assistant in these processes. Facilitate the project-based needs of all stakeholders and accelerate their journey to a solution

It should be especially noted here that we do not expect to be completely involved in every point of the business processes in the SAP projects we are talking about, and to produce a complete solution for each request, and to do exactly the same as all what SAP consultants do. The reason for this is that there are very complex and detailed processes especially in SAP projects and on the customer side. In fact, it is often encountered with the reconsideration and improvement of business processes at many points, often with SAP migrations. These processes, which we are focusing on, of course require a very advanced level of experience as well as communication. Therefore, it is very important that this solution we developed is positioned in these processes as an assistant rather than a main character. Because in complex business scenarios, we can not get the efficiency we want, and there is a possibility of wasting time. Therefore, by identifying areas where we can increase efficiency and positioning our solution primarily in our own business processes as an assistant on these areas, we not only save time, but also bring along a quality standard.

You can find examples of the areas we mentioned below;

  1. Report needs and improvements
  2. Basic output needs and improvements (Label, Receipt, etc.)
  3. Development of specific modular structures within a large process
  4. Points to strengthen communication between adaptation, BAPI uses and module-abap consultant

We would like to remind you that the GPT model developed by OpenAI has a very rich data model-based training. GPT’s capabilities include SAP and SAP-related areas. It can support us in all these processes with very successful findings and comments in many areas.

How We Made SAP Projects Easier and Faster with ChatGPT

While developing our solution, we quickly brought together different competencies from our teams with vertical specializations within NTT DATA and established a pod with a horizontal and flip product development culture. In this pod we have established, our teammates, who are experts in their fields and have competent roles, are actively working as follows.

  • Our SAP module consultants
  • Our ABAP consultants
  • Our software engineers
  • Our data scientists
  • Our analytical consultants
  • Our process engineers
  • Our business analysts
  • Our DevOps engineers
  • Our Data and Software architects

In a total of two sprints, that is, within a period of one month, after our solution team made the MVP presentation, we evaluated the potential that emerged and started to take the steps that started our productization journey quickly.

What made us even more agile when developing this solution was Microsoft’s strategic collaboration with OpenAI. The combination of our long-standing knowledge in different fields on Microsoft technologies and the Azure platform has had a significant impact on the development process of this solution. The OpenAI service published on the Microsoft Azure platform can be actively used by institutions. As NTT DATA, the fact that we can use the OpenAI service in isolation on our own Azure platform, as well as offering much more advanced opportunities technically, played a big role in our solution journey.

Thanks to Microsoft’s institutional launch of the OpenAI service on Azure, the application we developed as a result of our own experience and knowledge in our solution architecture, together with the creation of documentation and integration with OpenAI services, is a special feature that our innovation, analytics and data science teams have been working on and developed. Together with the data and artificial intelligence model, we formed the basis of our solution.

We were able to develop our solution with such a fast and agile process by combining our strongest aspects within our organization and by combining different disciplines, business areas and engineering studies in a common voice. We will experience together our journey to create much more efficient processes by actively using our solution both in our internal processes and together with our business partners.

As Leonard Bernstein said, “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”


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