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NTT DATA Business Solutions | February 1, 2018

SAP and Us: Building a Digital Future for Customers Worldwide


We at NTT DATA Business Solutions opened our doors in 1989 and have worked closely with SAP ever since. With our 30th anniversary taking place next year, we look back over our partnership with SAP. Our close collaboration enables us to give our customers tailored solutions, services, and strategies for the digital age. So what has the partnership accomplished over nearly three decades?

Currently, digitization and rapid advancement of technology are changing the way business is done. This presents multiple opportunities to companies, such as automating menial processes, but the vast amounts of data also create challenges. Managing these high volumes of information requires powerful, effective digital solutions and expert partners who understand how business can really profit from groundbreaking technology.

Customer Requirements at the Forefront

Our partnership with SAP, the world leader in enterprise software, has and will allow NTT DATA Business Solutions to participate in the latest business technology developments. We strive to drive process innovation across the whole value chain for customers throughout the world. SAP and NTT DATA Business Solutions have closely collaborated to identify and act on the opportunities that digitization presents to businesses. The ultimate goal is to empower companies to focus on their core business. By automating processes, gaining deeper analytical business insights, and using cloud platforms, organizations can achieve significantly higher profitability and gain the competitive edge. In a business climate that is ever fluctuating, it is vital to adapt strategies and platforms that empower businesses to evolve with the market faster than others.



By deploying new technologies like machine learning, the internet of everything, blockchain, cloud, and the SAP HANA in-memory database, SAP and NTT DATA Business Solutions will enable completely new business models. For us, technology is not an end in itself. Therefore, innovation has to be driven by customer value.

That’s why direct contact and permanent communication with people from businesses of all sizes is all-important. It is giving us key insights into the challenges our customers from a wide range of industries are facing, including discrete manufacturing, the service sector, and retail. In turn, this enables us to play an active role in the development of SAP solutions and relay the needs and challenges of our customers back to SAP.

In the digital age, you cannot afford to stand still. With standards and practices continuously changing, you have to be able to adapt. To help our customers stay ahead, we customize the latest SAP technology to their individual challenges and requirements – successfully for almost 30 years.

Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director of Global Business Solutions, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Additionally, we reflect our partnership with SAP in the relationships with our customers. Having witnessed the benefits of collaboration first hand, we build partnerships with customers for the long term. Solutions and services are tailored to the client to help them develop with the changing landscape, such as by adhering to new regulations, reaching new markets, and achieving optimal workforce planning.

Looking forward to what the future holds

Ultimately, we are looking forward to what the future holds for us and our customers. As the business world relies more heavily on technology, we will have to continuously adapt to help our customers keep their competitive edge. The year-on-year increase of SAP cloud users clearly illustrates this. We never standstill, highlighted by our ever-increasing portfolio of products and services, meaning our customers always stay ahead of the competition. We are expanding our position as the world’s leading SAP partner for the mid-market segment and have convincingly achieved double-digit growth in revenues for ten years in a row. Our close relationship with SAP puts us in the perfect position to be a trusted partner for the digital age.

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