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NTT DATA Business Solutions | September 5, 2019

Insufficient Data? A Suite Deal to Optimize the Customer Experience

Underperforming sales and service teams can be the result of a number of variables. Perhaps budget restrictions or difficult customers are getting in the way of you achieving the best results. The most likely diagnosis, however, is that your workforce lack visibility over processes and all of the accompanying data.

Have your sales personnel ever complained of a lack of relevant information before a meeting or presentation? What about your service teams? Are you able to judge their workload or even be sure that the department is cost-effective?

No matter how you answered, customer-facing sales and service representatives should be able to track all of the relevant data, whether in the office or out in the field. A snapshot over appointments, opportunities, current and previous orders, contracts, and financial statuses of projects would ensure that everyone stays in the loop.

Crystal Clear Customer Data

Ongoing tasks should be clear – connecting and assigning them to the appropriate member of staff shouldn’t create more work, it should be seamless and simple. Potential customers will be put off if introduced to poorly organized representatives and upselling opportunities could be missed. Similarly, customers will be disappointed if a service technician cannot respond quickly to a complaint or notification. NTT DATA Business Solutions have been working behind the scenes to develop a tool that can optimize the customer experience.

Nowadays, customer relationship management (CRM) hinges on consumer data. And whether your business is thriving or failing comes down to the tools that are used to maintain this information. Centralization of all sales and service data would help to solve some of the give complete transparency and allow your teams to

That’s why we have integrated three existing NTT DATA Business Solutions modules, sales, service, and it.product catalog into one single platform: Our suite that offers a 360° view of customer, product, service, and sales.

By centralizing all sales and services processes into suite, you can indicate all data and ensure your teams deliver the best possible service. Repeat business and long-lasting customer relationships are difficult to form, especially without transparency over data. The suite and all that it encompasses can be integrated seamlessly into your existing SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA platform. Therefore, data can be migrated easily and is compatible in Microsoft and on native, mobile applications.

Within suite, planning, budgeting, and monitoring sales campaigns can be done at the touch of the button. Your customers might want to be addressed in various channels, for example on social media. The sales module allows your teams to plan a campaign across a variety of media – mass e-mails and newsletters can be created organically in the system. Communications with the customer are improved and users have the opportunity to connect to telephone systems. service increases the efficiency of your sales and customer service management.

At Your Service

Your service team can create service and spare parts offers within the suite and a graphical planning board ensures that the staff are deployed in the right place at the right time. Orders and services can be assigned to an employee using drag and drop and employee location can be found on the integrated map. That means you can react quickly to incoming orders and optimize the customer experience. Likewise, service technicians should be able to manage and act upon service notifications and orders in real time.

Trust Your Supplier

Demanding customers will rely on you to provide the product that matches their needs. What’s more, they will expect an end-to-end service from a trusted supplier. Surely then, you would expect the same from your supplier. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we continue to add value to our customers’ operations throughout their digital transformation. We now support over 6,000 customers and can boast 30 years’ experience in tailoring CRM solutions to optimize the customer experience.


-by Danny Schlachter, Head of Portfolio Lifecycle Management, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG-
E-mail: [email protected]