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| April 8, 2020

IoT Providers Benchmark: NTT DATA – One of the Top Vendors Worldwide

IoT Providers Benchmark: NTT Data – One of the Top Vendors Worldwide

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The market readiness of Internet of Things solutions is increasing. It comes as no surprise that many companies today offer IoT solutions from strategic consulting to development and efficient implementation. Get insights into the IoT C&SI Survey 2020, the world’s first customer-centric benchmark study for Internet of Things consulting and system integration providers, by teknowlogy Group, and learn why NTT DATA Business Solutions partner NTT DATA is top-ranked globally.


NTT DATA is one of the top vendors when it comes to solution development and implementation. The findings from this survey also prove that they deliver IoT solutions with a high level of customer satisfaction and with outstanding business value. In addition, NTT DATA is one of the key vendors for clients when flexibility is required on the delivery side.

Key findings of the IoT C&SI Survey 2020 for NTT DATA


Global Solution Development Expert

According to the participants in this survey, NTT DATA is a global leader in IoT solution development in Europe and Americas. One of the reasons for that is that the company can draw upon the research and development engine of its parent organization, which supports areas such as the development of the Corevo artificial intelligence platform. Furthermore, NTT DATA’s project business is already strongly related to solution development – around one third of its revenue today comes from application-related project services.

IoT C&SI Survey 2020 – vendors ranking for the category “Solution Development”


Leader in IoT Implementation

The participants in this survey ranked NTT DATA as the top vendor for IoT implementation skills in Europe and also across the peer group of all consulting companies.
An important aspect in this context is the presence of dedicated in-house software development capabilities to adapt solutions to the specific needs of large clients. Delivering end-to-end solutions is key in the complex world of IoT.
NTT DATA has also been ranked very high in overall implementation because it has the ability to leverage additional implementation expertise of its parent organization (telecom giant NTT, which has network coverage in 190 countries) to offer full-stack services, from advisory to infrastructure to applications and the network layer. Extended network capabilities in particular are key for IoT implementations.

IoT C&SI Survey 2020 – vendors ranking for the category “Implementation Skills”


Business Value

NTT DATA received strong ratings for business value. It is top 2 in the Americas, top 5 in EMEA, and top 1 in the Consulting peer group. This demonstrates that NTT DATA meets its clients’ individual business objectives in a highly efficient way. They avoid overengineering solutions by combining standardized software with individual add-on services. These customer-specific end-to-end solutions, plus in-depth expertise and experience in Europe, above all in the German automotive sector, make NTT DATA a key vendor for IoT C&SI services in Europe and across the world.

IoT C&SI Survey 2020 – vendors ranking for the category “Business Value”


Peer Group Classification

The IoT C&SI Survey 2020 examines customer feedback on IoT consulting and system integration provider selection and partnerships across 24 key performance indicators (KPIs), including competitiveness, consulting skills, implementation, solution building, collaboration, customer satisfaction, and business value.
The peer groups were defined by teknowlogy’s analysts drawing on their experience as well as customer responses, since a provider needs a minimum of 20 answers per peer group in order to compete.
NTT DATA is present in the following peer groups Americas, EMEA, and Consulting:

IoT C&SI Survey 2020 – peer group classification


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