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Jan Ammann | October 2, 2020

Employee Experience Management with SAP’s Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse

Employee Experience Management with SAP’s Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse

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Disruptions in the workplace due to COVID-19, acquisitions or any other organizational changes can lead to critical gaps in employee experience – especially when working remotely. Learn how SAP’s Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse helps us to maintain social closeness despite of physical distance.


The Challenges

COVID-19 has forced us to change our work concept and culture. Leaders were no longer in the same location as their employees and we had to find ways to stay connected on a daily basis. Do they have everything they need to do their jobs remotely? Do they get along with all the uncertainties? What can we do to make them feel better?


Why Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse?

The reason why we chose Qualtrics is quite simple. As a world-leading full-service provider for SAP solutions, we have a trusted relationship with SAP. And, it has shown once again that we can rely on each other: When the situation around COVID-19 got worse, SAP made the Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse solution available free of charge to support SAP partners and customers during a difficult time. Also, the tool met all our requirements: With instant pre-configured surveys and reporting we were able to predict, deliver, measure, and respond specifically to customer needs. Thus, we could make real-time improvements to employee well-being, resources, safety, and enablement throughout the disruption.

“With the Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse solution, we can keep our fingers on the pulse of employee engagement and emotions as we navigate the new remote work reality”, says Anja Doil, Head of Global People Culture, Strategy and Leadership, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG.


Value-Driven Results

Thanks to Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse we were able to get fast, and frequent employee feedback during the lockdown and to stay in touch with our employees on a personal level. We started a pilot project with 1,000 employees and gained deep insights into their feelings and how to support them best:

  • 84% of employees are satisfied with NTT DATA Business Solutions’ handling of COVID-19 crisis
  • 85% of employees feel supported by their manager
  • 99% of employees feel confident about the future

In addition, the usage of Qualtrics enabled our employees to stay connected with customers and to continue delivering a great service. The survey pointed out that 97% of employees meet the customer expectations while working remotely.


What Comes Next

To build on the success of the Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse introduction, we plan a roll-out of the solution throughout the entire workforce. We also joined the Qualtrics Partner Network to integrate Qualtrics’ digital experience management solutions into our industry and product packages. This hopefully enables companies to analyze experience data collectively and to generate competitive advantages through the discipline of experience management.


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