NTT DATA Business Solutions
| August 29, 2019

30 Years of NTT DATA Business Solutions | New Perspectives for the Digital Age

As you may have heard, we are celebrating 30 years of NTT DATA Business Solutions this year! While this is an opportunity to reflect on previous successes, it’s also a great chance to look to the future. This is the last blog post in our “30 Years of NTT DATA Business Solutions” series, which also covers how we got to where we are today and how our corporate culture contributes to success. I will give you an insight into how we are on a mission to provide new perspectives for the digital age – and explain what that means for us as an employer and IT service provider.

For me, innovation is a journey rather than a destination.
Andy Steer, CTO, NTT DATA Business Solutions UK

I think my colleague really hits the nail on the head with this quote. Digital transformation is leading to huge, far-reaching change in the business world. IT is becoming more and more strategic. An increasing number of businesses (SAP included) are moving to the cloud. And business models are transforming – in every industry, all around the world. Therefore companies need to remain flexible to stay relevant. Innovation should be a constant process: a journey, not a destination.

You have almost certainly experienced this trend yourself, and perhaps your company is undergoing its own digital transformation. Many of our customers certainly are – and that’s why we are too. It’s time for new perspectives for the digital age.

A New Mission for Our Employees, Customers and Partners
We set out on a global company mission that would allow us to continue to build on the foundations that were laid out 30 years ago by our founders. This new mission unites all NTT DATA Business Solutions employees and means we can offer the same high-quality consulting services wherever our customers are based. We captured our new mission in a single statement, a promise to our customers: ‘We Transform. Trust into Value’. Let me explain to you why this message is so important to us.

Let’s start with the first word. “We” means that across our more than 70 locations in 25 countries, we all work together to find the best solutions for our customers. Our common understanding of what we stand for means that we are able to transform our business, and empower our customers to do the same. The close, international partnerships we maintain is what builds trust – an absolute necessity in these times of rapid change.

And by combining trust, expertise, and global collaboration, we ultimately generate value for our clients. For me, this means that we don’t just sell products – but we help find new perspectives for the digital age. That ranges from implementing a quick solution to automate core processes, to supporting a full business model transformation. But don’t just take our word for it. To see how we helped our customers Raben Group and Bühler Motor, click on the links.

30 years of NTT DATA Business Solutions: Our mission statement explained
We Transform. Trust into Value. Find out what NTT DATA Business Solutions’ new mission statement means for you.

To achieve our mission, we do not only need to own each other’s success but also need to make the journey together. This calls for teamwork, cooperation and collaboration. This calls for partnership.
Sanjeev Deshpande, Managing Director, NTT DATA Business Solutions India

From Vision to Reality: Innovation in Practice
So what does our new mission look like in practice? One of the first areas where you will notice our new commitment is in our investment in innovation of products, services and technologies. As our experience has shown, digital transformation is mainly led by innovation. But we also strongly believe that this has to start with the core business processes. Innovation projects that do not start with key tasks often miss the mark – and this is something that many implementation partners overlook. How many times have you heard of flashy innovations failing due to a lack of a proper business case? All too often, innovation projects don’t achieve their true potential because they aren’t focused on solving business problems – they are isolated from the core business and cannot generate real value. That’s why we bring innovation to the point – for our customers.

Innovation requires experience and know-how gained from previous projects and the expertise to understand industry-specific business processes. But most of all, it requires close, long-term partnerships to ensure it adds value to the business in the long run. It is for that reason that our approach to identify and develop innovations always focuses on the bigger picture – and will never just be innovation for innovation’s sake. As our innovations are integrated into core business processes, they not only solve current challenges, but continue to generate value in the future.

I believe that our customers can benefit from our deep knowledge of innovative technologies and that we, as a joint team, can make anything work to support their changes in business models.
Dr. Anna Flötotto, Operations Management – Global Field Consulting, NTT DATA Business Solutions Germany

30 Years Young and Fit for Tomorrow
Stay tuned to our website to see the results of our new direction. While we are not turning our tried-and-tested project methodology on its head, we are adapting ourselves to the changes of the digital age. After all, innovation is a journey, not a destination – and we invite you to join us!

Want to find out more about our journey? Watch the video below to see our whole history in just 300 seconds.