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Why Educational Institutions start embracing online retail strategies?


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Create new revenue sources

Institutes are facing reduced income streams from traditional students. We witness a growing interest in Engagement and Commerce processes for (new) target groups like : companies, professionals, alumni and international students. Institutes see opportunities to position and offer:

  • Commercial courses
  • Modules and programms
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Merchandise
  • Tickets

In this press release Saxion explains their e-commerce strategy.

Why did it make sense for Saxion to invest in SAP Hybris?

  1. It is a proven e-commerce platform guaranteeing a reliable, stable foundation to growth their online business.
  2. Hybris is rich on functionality and flexible to customize.
  3. SAP Hybris keeps improving every quarter; It is a future proof solution!
  4. The solution is part of SAP’s CEC portfolio. SAP Hybris can be extended with Marketing and CRM solutions that will accelerate Saxion’s (online) business even more.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is combining world class commerce and Educational know-how!


SAP Hybris : ‘off the shelve’ Education flavor by NTT DATA Business Solutions
Optimize user experience on any device Manages Education Catalog structures
E-commerce Best Practices like: personalization and up-and cross-sell tactics Manages variants for ordering specific start dates and locations
Includes: Product Management Cockpit,
Web Content Management, Customer Service and account management
PDF for presenting course information in an easy to share format
Business to Business and Business to Consumer processes Integration with Student Information System

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